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"Existing and for sale mobile phones will not be affected"

The controversy between Huawei and the United States has triggered the alarms of users of this brand (because remember that it affects internationally). Unable to maintain business with American companies, the Chinese company, technically, can no longer offer Google services on their devices. Thus, the big question that has been repeated these days is the obvious one: What will happen with Huawei phones (and Honor)?

A few days ago, both the division of Android and Huawei itself quickly spoke to try to put out the fire that the means of misinformation did not take long to provoke. In sight it is that without much success.

What will happen with Huawei phones? Those already sold and in stock will not be affected

Now, Huawei Spain launches a small explanatory video where in 35 seconds it makes clear the situation of its devices in its immediate future.

The existing Huawei smartphones and tablets, that is, those that have already been sold and those that are currently for sale and in inventory, can be used normally and will not be affected.

Also, they can continue using and updating Google services such as Google Play, Gmail, etc.

In the same way, these devices will continue to receive updates from Google's security patches and will be able to easily update all the applications available on Google Play, including all third-party applications.

Although the theory made us think that Google turned off the tap and left without updates to Huawei devices, it seems that at least the terminals that are already distributed will continue to function as before.

So, Google apps like Gmail or Maps will continue to have support on Huawei phones and tablets, and even the Android operating system itself. We can continue to install and update apps from both Google itself and third parties through Google Play.

In addition, Huawei reconfirms that Google security patches will also continue to be distributed to keep the devices protected against new threats that may arise.

Recall that Huawei has a period of 90 days with which it can still negotiate with Google and other North American companies. We do not want to think that this video is protected in this time of slack in which, indeed, everything remains as it has been until now. But we do not know exactly how it is possible that there will be no palpable damage despite the cessation of activity between both multinationals.

Huawei was already working on its plan B

huawei folding phone

Get the Mate X with Android or with a new operating system?

And we still don't know detail What is going to happen with the Huawei phones, beyond these small soothing darts that fire on the networks every few days.

Then, if we turn to recently filtered information, Huawei will be working on its own operating system which will completely replace Android, but that will be compatible with your apps. It will have an application market away from Google Play – in fact, there are speculations about Aptoide – and it will also be adapted for mobile phones, tablets and computers. Arrive this year, at the end of it at best.

That is, as we indicated before, we do not know if all these plans in relation to the new software will be applied for future releases or also for terminals that are already for sale (and that are in the period of updating; that is, mobile with 2-3 years old).

On the other hand, the Chinese company is facing another challenge: replacing the physical components of the United States. Many of its processors and other parts come from American companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, etc. This, clearly, may slow the development of their new devices.

Certainly Huawei is in a limbo from which we receive information on account drops. What seems pretty clear that your mobile Huawei will not become a paperweight. And maybe this noise affects the market, causing the prices of this brand to fall and that you can get a curious bargain.

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