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Effects for free photos: Applications and sites to make it very easy

The photograph is one of the most fabulous hobbies that can exist, and also one of the most expensive,although the truth is that thanks to the massification of mobile devices equipped with cameras and photo machines with a good amount of megapixels,We can all take pictures worthy of framing with little money.

However, there is a point where most of those interested in photography usually get entangled,and it is in the application of effects and improvements to the photos they take.In this sense, many of them take asreference to the program par excellence for photographic editing tasks, Adobe Photoshop.

However, this program is the most expensive in the market, and it is also very difficult to learn how to use it, and the truth is that using Photoshop to make a few tweaks is complicated without need.

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All effects for your photos, free and online

That is why infinity ofOnline programs and tools that apply effects to images,but in this article we will focus on online editing tools, since we will allow us to perform our touch-ups from any computer and place where we will be.

In this post we will finda list with the best apps to put effects on the online photos with which to make montages and improve through all our photos and images of all kinds. These sites have been selected according to the possibilities they offer in terms of quantity of effects and ease of use.


Incredible site that rene in the same interfacedozens of features and tools to improve, apply effects and create collages with our photos.It's just a matter of navigating through your options and choosing one that we like, as simple as that.

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Among the effects and filters it offersScrapeeHighlights include Photomontages, Frame Maker, Frames for two Photos, Resize Images, Photo Frames, Glitter Creator, Lake Effect, Animated Cards, Change Face and many more.

If you wish, you can tryScrapeeclicking on this link.


FotorIt is a fantastic application that allows usedit photos and add filters, effects, make collages and design cards, all completely free. Among the most interesting features ofFotorthe possibility ofcorrect brightness, contrast, saturation, color curve and brightness correction valuesand many others.

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We can alsoApply effects like frames and add art clips.We can also apply text. In short, a very complete and intuitive site to use.

If you wish, you can access Fotorpulsando on this link.


Without a doubt, this is the ideal tool for those looking for a simple, fast and free way toapply frames and effects on our photos. For itLoonaPixIt has an impressive amount of filters, effects and frames.

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Very easy to use, as soon as we access the site, we will find a task selector through which we can choose the type of effect or decoration we want. Here we can select betweenPhoto effect,Photo frames,Expensive effectsYPhoto settings

As we mentioned, the site is very simple to use, we should onlyupload an image from the PC or Internet andUse any of the four options.