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Earthquakes and underground caves in the eighth season of Fortnite?

Attention because there has been a leak in which very interesting things are told. And as you know we are at the doors of the eighth season of Fortnite and changes are coming. In recent days there have been small earthquakes on the island that have created Small cracks in the ground.

You already know that the people of Epic games They like to end the seasons in a big way. In fact, even with the whole theme of the cube, things got a little out of hand. But well the truth is that we normally we love the moves they ride.

Also remember that if you complete the challenges they have put into the game you can get the next Battle Pass for free. No doubt this is a very smart move to fight Apex. By playing several extra hours at Fortnite we can save money, and surely this strategy will work.

Details of the eighth season of Fortnite are leaked

These last few hours there has been quite a stir because of a leak. As now we will show you a screenshot has been published in which you can see the description that is published in the Epic Games website Every time there is an update. Here tennis the image in question:

eighth fortnite season

In broad strokes, what is told is the following. A great earthquake has torn the island and there have been changes in many places. They highlight Chopped Floors and Polar Peak. But be careful, because also They talk about new areas located underground. Can you imagine it? If at the time we had an island flying through the sky now we have to put on the miners suit.

But be careful because it is not the only novelty of the eighth season of Fortnite. As it seems, the background of the lobby can be customized. We like this. The truth is that when they change it at the beginning of the season It gives the game a new air. But then of course, it stays the same for months. Therefore we are glad that we can choose it to our liking.

They are barely left two weeks so we can check if this information is true. We really want the eighth season of Fortnite to begin. You already know that in ActualApp you will always find all the information about it. Long live Fortnite!

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