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Download Sticker Maker, the app to create your own WhatsApp stickers

A few months ago we told you how to add your own stickers to WhatsApp, because this kind of digital stickers reaped (it still does) a lot of success. Although in this tutorial we used the WSTick app, during this time a new alternative has emerged that we can also download to our devices; is about Sticker Maker.

This app allows us to create our own sticker packages based on our own photographs, so laughs are guaranteed.

With Sticker Maker you can create your stickers in a moment

Perhaps the great virtue of Sticker Maker is to make it simple-apparently-complicated. Creating WhatsApp stickers is a certain photographic edition that in other apps became a bit complex, both at the interface level and at the stability level.

This app has a clean and very intuitive interface, without frills that may confuse the user. However, this causes us to lose some functions that we see in other alternatives.

Anyway and as we said before, the app is very simple to use: just open Sticker Maker, click on the button to create a new sticker package (and assign it a name) and start adding our photos.

Sticker Maker also supports different galleys, such as Google Photos, so you can import the snapshots you have there directly to the sticker editor. Then you can trim the content to leave the background out simply by drawing a line with your finger.

For each package of stickers you can add up to 30 images, being one of the most generous applications regarding the limit of stickers per pack. And if that weren't enough, we can create as many packages as we want.

Once you have the stickers ready, we will touch the «Add to WhatsApp» button to do the same. You will only have to enjoy them in the instant messenger app.

Then, it also allows you modify packages already created, adding more photos if you have available holes or replacing one with the other. The changes will be updated in WhatsApp when we touch the «Add changes to WhatsApp» button.

You can download Sticker Maker on iOS and Android

Quiz your editor is your biggest negative point. Surely with some more precise tool to trim the images we will obtain better results, because sometimes we get ahead of content that must be part of the sticker; or just the opposite, it stays too deep inside, having to repeat the cut several times until we get a more polished sticker.

In short, Sticker Maker is a quick and easy solution to create stickers, hence you have achieved so much success: it accumulates more than 10 million downloads.

Remember you can Download Sticker Maker for free on both iOS and Android. Keep in mind that although iOS appears a different author's name in the app's tab, it is the same developer team as the Android version.

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