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Download NeuralCam, the app that makes spectacular night photos on iPhone

Usually, most smartphones do not get along with dark environments when it comes to taking pictures. The lack of light makes the camera that captures incredible images, at night it offers results well below expected. This comes to solve NeuralCam, a camera app that we can download on iPhone and that lately he is reaping great popularity thanks to his magic.

The application is compatible from iPhone 6 onwards and certainly improves the final quality of night photos compared to the standard camera of Apple terminals. In fact, many speak of NeuralCam as the iPhone GCam (camera app that Google uses in its Pixel and that improves the processing of photos on Android).

Photos and selfies in condition with your iPhone when there is no light

So if you are tired of your night photos do not look what they should, this simple app can solve the ballot.

Basically, what NeuralCam does is capture multiple shots that through artificial intelligence ends up mixing to obtain the greatest amount of information. Thus, a much brighter photo is generated.

That's right, you have to have a pretty firm pulse so that the results are optimal. The app asks us not to move the terminal when shooting the photo precisely so that all these snapshots are done correctly. Then, perform the processing – which can be extended a few seconds depending on the iPhone – and show us the final result.

In the video that we leave you above you can see a comparison between the stock camera of the iPhone XS Plus in this case, and several other camera apps among which is NeuralCam.

It should be noted that the processing is certainly aggressive and in some cases it sins of exaggerating the colors, altering the original nature of the shot. This happens especially when there is "too much" ambient lighting or if there is some concentrated spot in the frame.

In the tests we have done, the photos that have been better are those in which there was no direct light (or very little). During the sunsets it is still more advisable to use the iPhone's predefined camera app, while in closed night, interiors and environments with poor lighting NeuralCam has surprised us for good.

Is it worth downloading NeuralCam and paying its price?

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NeuralCam is a paid app; we can download it by 3.49 and we recommend it especially for those users with somewhat older iPhone, where the camera does not perform a good night role. And obviously, for those users who take many photos or night selfies.

The app is quickly amortized in both cases, so it may be one of the best apps to spend money on.

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