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Download Gears POP! The game for iOS and Android that merges the Gears of War and Funko POP saga

When you think you've seen everything, the world of Funko makes the leap to mobile devices. For those who are not related to this term, it is a line of figures (with a very recognizable design) that recreates characters from a multitude of franchises. Ace was born POP Gears!, a video game that we can download for iOS and Android and that far from what it may seem at first, seems to be convincing.

The invention is part of Microsoft Corporation and Funko Animation Studios, giving rise to a title that essentially reminds us a lot of Clash Royale.

More vice for your thumbs, especially if you like Tower Defense and both franchises

If you like Funko POP figures and also the Gears of War saga, you will probably receive this product merger with open arms.

Game mechanics is something like a Tower Defense or Clash Royale, to give a quick example, but with the particularity of having the protagonists of the Gears of War series. We can collect more than 30 characters turned into vinyl.

Likewise, the scenarios are set in those of the Gears saga, in which we we will face other players of all the world; hence, a constant network connection is necessary while the app is open.

And speaking of the Internet, it should be noted that you can Sign in with your Xbox account and that is also possible unlock achievements for it.

On the other hand, Gears POP! count with one league system in which to climb positions and face the most skilled in the game. Winning is in everyone's hand, being able to create custom platoons As the user believes convenient. Likewise, during the fighting it will be possible to launch Ultra skills that the tables of the game can change.

To test the effectiveness of your new platoon, the ideal will be to practice in assaults against AI of the game (that is, against the machine; here also a network connection will be necessary even if we are not participating against another player).

You can now download Gears POP! on your smartphone or tablet

If you are a master of tactical combat or want to learn, but especially if you like the Gears of War saga, it doesn't hurt download Gears POP! on your iOS or Android device. The game is free, although as usual, it has optional in-game purchases.

What do you think of Gears POP !? Has he convinced you or do you prefer other similar titles? Or directly this is not a genre made for you? You can leave your comments below.

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