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Download GBWhatsapp OFFICIAL Version 7.35

Cover page Download GBWhatsapp Android APK

GBWhatsapp (also called Whatsapp GB) is an alternative version to the official one brought by WhatsApp GB Plus developers.

We have updated the application to its latest version

This offers us to enjoy various advantages such as having two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile and hide your status "Online" while still watching other people's.

But I'm going to tell you, if you're here I'm sure you're dying to try them all! Don't worry, it's in the right place Keep reading and we'll explain how to get the most out of this application!

Download Whatsapp gb Free (Last Version 2019)

Do you want to download the WhatsApp GB apk for free, fast and secure? Keep in mind then that websites have started appearing where you are charged for downloading wasap gb, so watch out: – If you are going to downloadwhatsapp gb by uptodown you get filled with viruses!

But quiet, in CronicasGeek you are at home, all free and fast.

APK Download

  1. Go into
  2. Click on the “DOWNLOAD APK"
  3. You already have it!

Features of the latest version of GBWhatsApp

With the latest version of Gb Whatsapp 7, which you can install and use on your Android device in conjunction with Official WhatsApp, you will get many interesting features such as the possibility of hiding the last connection, double check with the blue mark and much more.

As we already told you, downloading GBWhatsApp on your Android terminal is very easy and you will even have the possibility to install custom themes or directly customize the app according to your preferences.

Look at the most important functions offered by the WhatsApp GB App!

  • Capacity of hide the state to groups or people in particular.
  • New emoji added
  • Group video calls
  • Copy and paste other people's states
  • I send broadcast messages to 600 people both
  • Possibility to change the subject for each conversation
  • I ship up 90 images instead of 10
  • possibility of hide the double blue mark, the second tick, the last connection, the notice of writing message and much more.
  • 100 language support
  • Can be installed together with the original WhatsApp without risk of failures or conflicts
  • You can create your WhatsApp theme and send it to GBWhatsApp
  • Possibility to change the app icon and notifications.

How to install the latest version of GB WhatsApp

Let's see the step by step of we can install the new version of this fantastic application.

1. Activate unofficial applications on Android

Gbwhatsapp is not an official application, that is, we cannot find it in the Google Play Store. Most smartphones come with a default configuration which does not allows to install unofficial applications.

Thus the first step what we have to do is change this setting so that we can install all kinds of applications, such as the WhatsApp Apk Gb.

activate unknown android backgrounds

  • Go to Settings
  • After Security
  • Unknown origins and activate this option

2. Download the free GBWhatsapp Apk

The applications that are installed on android phones are files with an extension called APK. You have todownload the .apk filethat you will find in this tutorial and pass it to your mobile. Once you have it ready we will move on to the next step.

  • Opens the application of GBwhatsapp.
  • You will get a welcome screen, here you have to click on Agree and continue.
  • We arrive at the screen of check our mobile, in all normality we write our telephone number.
  • You get a message for validate the installation. If the code is not validated just write it yourself and click on accept.

Information about downloading the GBwhatsapp apk

The applications that are installed on Android phones are files called APK. You have to download the .apk file and pass it to your mobile. Once you have it ready we will go to the next step.

3. Install Whatsapp Gb last version and Configure

Once we have the apk file of Gb Whatsapp on our smartphone we just have to click on it to install it. When the installation is finished we open the application and we will see that it is like a new installation of the official version of WhatsApp.

Now we have to configure the application:

  • Opens the application of WhatsApp Gb.
  • You will get a welcome screen, here you have to click on “Agree and continue".
  • We arrive at the screen of check our mobile, in all normality we write our telephone number.
  • You will receive a message to validate the installation. If the code is not validated just write it yourself and do click on accept.

GBWhatsapp Download the old version

There are multiple old versions of GBWhatsapp, but you can say that the best version 6.4 due to the fact that it presented an ideal aspect in the storage of the mobile and some exemplary features in functionality.

However, you can purchase any version that you want other than the current one, anywhere on the internet, because, as the same app presents another coding, older models are released for sale on the internet.

You must be careful, especially with versions lower than 6.0, because the links presented on the website are said to be extremely dangerous as viruses They abound in their coding.

Information about the latest versions of WhatsApp Gb 2019

If we want download the latest version of Whatsapp Gb, below I leave all the information with their respective links and the APK file so you can download it and install it on your Android mobile or cell phone.

Size35.70 MB
Android versionAndroid 4.0+
First nameGBwhatsapp
Root?Do not

All versions of GbWhatsapp

Like all applications for cell phones, both Android and iPhone (iOS) , this has also been evolving since it was released. Here we leave you the complete list of the versions that have existed including old versions of gbwhatsap.

Gbwhatsapp Versions

  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 6.55
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 6.40
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 7.60
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 6.81
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 7.70
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 6.75
  • GBwhatsapp (GB Whatsapp) version 7.50

Update WhatsApp GB to the latest version

If you already have the WhatsApp GB application installed on your cell phone, I recommend that follow this tutorial of Download Whatsapp spy. Learn step by step this 2019 how to update it without giving you any kind of error, in a moment you will already have it updated!

GB Wasap, GB Whatsap, gbwhatsaap or Gb watsapp

Please! What is writtenGBwhatsapp, do not be confused to write that no matter how much Gb wasap, or Gb whatsaap sounds the same is not the same when you write it, applications may appear other than this one that we offer here with another similar name.

Frequently asked questions Does it work or not?

What is the GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a mod of the official whatsapp application, or what has been the same, is an alternative application to the official one that has modifications. These modifications allow for extra features compared to the original version, which is why many people look for it.

What is WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB is a modification of the official whatsapp application. This allows us to have some extra functions compared to the normal version of the application, which is why it is becoming very famous. However, being unofficial may have some incompatibilities.

What is the WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp plusIt is a modified and unofficial version of the famous WhatsApp messenger application. It was created by the programmer Rafael in 2012. Since then it has not been updated, which is why his successor, the GB Whatsapp, was born.

Stop looking for how to download the latest version of GBwhatsapp! We provide it with direct download so you don't have to waste your time! We only ask you to share the page if it has served you.

History of GB WhatsApp

This GBWhatsApp application comes thanks to the hard work done by the developers of the WhatsApp GB Plus application. This alternative application of WhatsApp gives us the possibility to make and enjoy numerous advantageous options, which you probably won't find in other applications.

You have the possibility to activate two WhatsApp accounts on the same cell phone, besides being able to have the option to activate the configuration to hide the online status, while you can continue observing the states of other people.

On the other hand, it is no secret to anyone that the official application of the company of WhatsApp may be insufficient, since it does not contain a wide variety of options within it.

For some users it is essential to have more options regarding visualization or aesthetic settings in the app and much more when talking about the privacy section.

This is one of the reasons why various applications within the Android system, that they can provide the user with the possibility of handling the options to their liking.And the users finally they prefer to use alternative applications to use official applications.

In this case, one of the alternatives that became very popular was the well-known WhatsApp Plus, which had very good receptivity from users, since it was practically the only one where The user can make modifications.

The problem with the WhatsApp Plus application is that I had many errors, there were bugs that were generated while the App was manipulated.

Just at that time it was launched the GB WhatsApp application, which indicated to be the best alternate app of the official WhatsApp, and in fact, it was, sand became the best alternative for users.

These types of applications are known as MOD, which refers to It has the main functions of the official application, but it has been modified. You can say that it is a WhatsApp MOD.

This has been created by the developers of GGB Mods, creating for all the people in the world one of the best (or the best) modified app of the instant messenger application.

There are even people who confuse it with WhatsApp Plus, because of the great impact that App had. But in this case, GB WhatsApp is like a very improved application compared to the one named above.

Without going too far, GB Whatsapp has become the short time it has, in one of the App more downloaded by people, and that this App is not found in the applications store.

Currently only available to all users who use the Android system, it is not known if it could be available for other systems in the future.

We are sure that after reading this content, and knowing everything about GB WhatsApp, you can understand why There are suspicious things or situations within the application.

News from the last update

With the update (last of this version) of the GBWhatsapp application, which tIt has the possibility of being able to download and install on the device, in conjunction with the official application.

Thing that could not be done before, that the other alternatives can not do and for the same reason, The GBWhatsapp application differs from its rivals.

In this last version of the application you can enjoy many things, not only to hide the option of the last connection, You can also disable double check notifications and much more.

We have already named you, but we repeat it to you, downloading the GBWhatsapp application on your phone with Android system is very simple.

You can also download using the application, some themes to give another aspect to the application, and if you want toyou can change the static part of GBWhatsapp and place it as you wish, as you like.

The most important and popular functions that the application has, They are as follows:

  • You will have the possibility to modify the icon, both the icon that appears in the notifications, and the icon of the application.
  • You can use the functions offered by the App to hide the status from individuals or groups.
  • You will have the possibility to create themes, change colors and place it as you like, besides being able to share it with other users so that they add it to your App.
  • Has a new list of available emojis, to use in conversations with contacts.
  • Has the possibility of being installed while having the official application installed on the same device, it will not generate any kind of conflicts or failures.
  • You can make group video calls, Talk through video with different people at the same time.
  • It has such a broad language support that you can surely place it in the one you like best, Supports the amount of 100 languages.
  • You will not have inconvenience for be able to copy and then paste the states made by other people.
  • You can configure the application to have the possibility to hide or remove the blue marks when reading the message, also the mention of when the person is writing, the last connection information, and many other options.
  • You can ship Broadcast messages for an amount of 600 people without any restriction.
  • You can send about 90 images, which in the official application only allows you to send up to 10 at the same time.
  • Can choose a different topic for each conversation that you make or have inside the App.

More private and much more configurable

When we talk about the settings with respect to privacy, in addition to some that we have already mentioned above, we can say that we also have the possibility of hiding the notification that tells other people when we are recording a voice memo.

Also we can remove or hide the blue microphone icon when the voice message is finished, the one that tells the user that the voice memo has already been played, either in individual conversations or in group conversations.

But if that weren't enough, the application of GBWhatsapp allows the user to send 50 MB in text files, in PDF documents, or other documents.

Another advantage of the App is that it gives you the possibility of improving the quality of the images of the photos and also that of the videos when they are sent, since the official application will improve image quality, reducing data, compressing the file.

This means that through this App, You can send images and photographs with a weight of up to 50 MB, it also happens with music, you can send MP3 with a maximum weight of 50 MB.

This App allows you to send or share the location using a single click, We have the same facility when sharing contacts to many users, it is done easily, besides being very fast.

Download the latest version of GB Whatsapp for free and without problems

Most likely, after reading all the recommendations just mentioned, of all the specifications, You will want to download the GB Whatsapp application.

For it you must first download the Apk of it, and you can do it for free, safely and super fast.

I must alert you to the existence of others websites where they offer you to download the application but they charge you for doing so, so you must be careful with this.

Besides that too You have the option to download the application through uptodownbut you run the risk of filling your PC or phone with virus or malware.

But don't worry that we have the solution for that, we will name you a website where pOdrs download the App in a safe, free and fast way.

To perform the procedure, you should only do the following:

  1. The first thing you are going to do is Enter through the Geek Chronicles website.
  2. After this, once you enter the website, you go to the option called Download Apk and click on it.
  3. Now only you let the Apk download and save it on your phone or computer, And ready!

After performing this procedure you must install the phone Apk, in case you do not know, do not worry that we will teach you to carry out this process easily.

Install the APK with the latest version of GB WhatsApp

Now we see how to install the Apk of this excellent application called GB Whatsapp.

  1. Steps to activate applications that are not official in the Android operating system

We remind you that the GB Whatsapp App is not official, this means that, These types of applications cannot be downloaded from the Android application store.

Basically all phones and devices with Android systems are included with a system which does not allow you to install applications outside the store, which will be unofficial applications.

It is important to be able to modify this function, if not, it will not be possible to install third-party applications, as the Apk of GB Whatsapp.

  • You must first go to the Settings application, this is in the application drawer, usually has the nut icon.
  • After this, in the next window you must select the Security option which is at the bottom of this window.
  • Now you must go to the section called Unknown origins, In this part you must activate this function.

This way you can install the Apk you download through the Internet. This is not going to cause any kind of damage or conflict, so allow you to continue downloading and updating the App through the store.

  1. Download the Apk from the latest update of GB WhatsApp free

All applications that are downloaded through the Internet for the Android operating system, They are files with extensions called Apk.

In case you haven't done the download from the page named above the article, it's time to do it.

Generally, when Apk downloads are made through the Internet, The downloaded files are saved in the folder called Downloads, in some cases they are called Download.

It all depends on the configuration they have on the phone, even in some cases you can choose the place where you want to download the applications.

Once you download the Apk and it is stored in the phone, you must perform the following procedure.

  • You will enter the Files application of your phone, normally these applications have different names, You can also find it as File Explorer.
  • After you enter the file explorer application, you should look for the folder called Download. Or just looking for the folder in which the download of the Apk was previously saved.
  • Now you are looking for the name of the file you downloaded GB Whatsapp, select it in the next window Click on Install.
  • Now only It is expected that the device installs the Apk, and ready. The process is simple and easy.

In case you downloaded the Apk from a computer, you must perform the following procedure to be able to install it on the mobile.

In case you downloaded the Apk from the PC, The downloaded file will be saved in general in the download folder.

The same thing can happen in this procedure as in the tutorial with the phone, All depend on the folder you used to download the file.

  • So just Go to the folder where the GB Whatsapp file was downloaded.
  • Once the file is found, You must perform the procedure to be able to pass the file to the mobile.
  • Connect the phone via the USB cable to the computer, after this the option appears to be able to visualize the folders that are in the mobile in the PC.
  • Now you go copy the file which is on the PC and you are going to save inside a phone folder.
  • Now that the file is inside the mobile, only remains perform the previous step to install the Apk on the mobile.

Important data:Remember that in order to install third-party applications on the mobile with Android operating system, it is necessary to activate the option to install unknown files.

  1. Configure the installation of the Apk of the last version of GB Whatsapp

After you have the file in the phone documents and you have selected it to install it. Once the application has been installed on our mobile, it only remains make the configuration of it.

  • Where the applications are going to be located is the new GB Whatsapp icon that has just been installed. The We select to open the application.
  • When you start the App, a window appears welcoming the application of GB Whatsapp.
  • Now you must select the option called Agree and continue, by clicking on l.
  • Now in the next window we must enter the telephone number so that GB Whatsapp can verify it.
  • Here we are simply going to Enter the phone number, with which we want to have a GB WhatsApp account.
  • You just have to wait for a text message to validate the confirmation of the installation. Generally in this step, the code is automatically added in the confirmation window, if it is not, it should be written manually.

Configure GbWhatsapp privacy options

Now we are going to teach you directly to how to visualize these options that GB Whatsapp has.

  1. upon entering the application (after being installed), you are going to select the three points icon which is located at the top on the right side of the main window.
  2. Selecting this option, a small window will appear showing several functions. You will select the Privacy option.
  3. When you select that option, a new window appears with new options. In these options we can find several aspects that we can select and then modify
  • From this window you can hide the way in which other users see our last connection, for example, Online. So nobody can see when we are online, regardless of whether or not we are connected.
  • Change may hide the blue marks that informs the user that the message is already read. The other options found in the window, lets you choose if we want to hide it for individual groups or conversations.
  • Modification can be made to hide the blue color of the microphone icon, which informs the user that the audio has already been heard.
  • You can also hide the recording status, when we are recording a voice note.
  • Remove the number 2 mark that Please inform that the message you sent has already been received.
  • Delete the status of Writing, which appears on the other user's phone when we are writing the message. As far as the other person is concerned, he will not know the moment in which he is writing.

Manage appearance functions

You can also perform the Basically change all the screens or windows of the WhatsApp App.

You can add or change colors, the shape of the letters, the sizes used, Among many other things. You can even download default themes that have been created by other users before.

So if you are one of the people who have a lot of creativity and like to make modifications, or is bored of always seeing the same thing, then GB Whatsapp is for you.

Since you can make daily visual changes, colors, letters, and many more things that you will find within the application settings

Advantages of having GB Whatsapp vs Whatsapp

Thanks to the news and excellent features offered by the instant messenger application, We can observe by many ways that are a lot of advantages.

This means that all people who download and use the application They will benefit from all the things you have, You can find some of these advantages that we will tell you next.

As we have been telling you about the application through this article, This is one of the applications that has been considered as the best to replace the official version of the application.And is that It was created by all the negative comments made by users against the official WhatsApp App.

We must remember that WhatsApp is one of the most used applications by people around the world, to keep in touch with other people.

That's why it has become one of the first, if not the first option, of people who wish to maintain contact with others, in addition to sending text messages and calls.

But we must remember that The official application also has failures, especially after some updates, that is why many users complain and end up looking for alternatives.

Usually these errors that arise are motivated to the developers integrate new functions and the occasional correction of errors or improvements.

But the truth is that what people want is an App where they can obtain security and above all privacy, and more knowing the problems that the Facebook company has presented in the last decade.

And this is something that The application of GB Whatsapp gives users, is one of the things that can be verified, in addition to what we discussed in the section of its characteristics.

And if you are one of the users who used the WhatsApp Plus application, then the application of GB Whatsapp you will love it.

Another feature that usually attracts the attention of this application is the possibility granted when sending files or documents that have a lot of weight.

As The official application does not allow you to send files that are very heavy, instead in the alternative application se can send up to 1 GB of weight in the files.

This is also a reason that differentiates it from the many alternative applications that have been created for the instant messenger, since most alternate App only support 15 to 29 MB only.

In addition to all this mentioned, we can also name that se can send an approximate amount of 95 photographs at the same time, without the need to limit with only 10 or 25 photographs They usually are.

Another great advantage granted by the application, It is the possibility of being able to view the files we have received.

This is already discussed when we are chatting in the part of the features about GB Whatsapp, It is a huge advantage to be able to see the images and files of the documents that are sent to us in advance.

This gives the possibility to visualize the images and decide later if we want to download it or simply delete it.

This will allow to have a greater protection of the documents that reach our device, and therefore we will have much more space on the device, without conserving files or images that are not important to us.

Many more options for privacy

It is important to emphasize this part since this is one of the deficiencies that is most presented in the official App, and that in this application has the most important advantage.

Since in this App changes were made to grant full privacy, at extreme levels, In addition to the high security it offers, compared to the official one.

With the application of GB Whatsapp we will have many more options for privacy. Granting in this case the following functions:

  • The possibility of Remove or hide our status.
  • Be able to eliminate the blue tick, which indicates that the message is already read in the different conversations.
  • You can also remove the double tick which informs users that the message has arrived.

All these modifications can be made with the application of GB WhatsApp. The best part is that despite having all these configurations active, we can still observe that of others.

In addition, a large amount of Modifications in group chat Thanks to its wide range of possibilities it offers.

You can view the statistics offered by the application on different occasions, and it is one more option that we can observe here and that in other alternative applications do not have it.

Another great advantage is that When installing GB Whatsapp, the conversations that are in the official WhatsApp application will not be lost, So you can continue the conversation without any problem.

For it, it’s important to save the backup copies where WhatsApp conversations are stored, Above all, it is very important to store the conversations that take place during the day, to avoid losing it.

It is important to emphasize that the application has the advantage of being free, It is important that the website where the Apk is going to be downloaded is reliable and of course, do not charge for downloading it.

Another great advantage it has, is that it does not ask you to erase the official application to be able to install GB Whatsapp, which can happen with other similar applications. This allows the user to keep the official App if they wish.

The disadvantages that the application of GB Whatsapp could have

Unfortunately this application does not escape the disadvantages, as in almost all things, but it is very likely that these do not diminish all the benefits it provides. In order to get into the disadvantages section of the application, it is important to first comment on the "key".

The key in the App is a way of referring to the data that is stored in the same application, this saved data is stored in an algorithm called Curve25519.

This type of algorithm is observed as a kind of elliptic curve, in terms of computer science and technology, This manages to offer a maximum of 128 bits for the security of each user.

This is the amount of data that the application manages to store within the external memory that our phone has, but it is important to emphasize that it is in an encrypted form.

In order to read this key, it must be done from the same device, but to be able to visualize the one of other users, it is necessary first to realize a rooting to the telephone.

But if we talk about the application of GB WhatsApp, when we refer to the key, there is change flatly, Since in this case, all the data that the application has are saved on the external card, the SD card.

So it is not necessary to have a rooted device to be able to access that data granted by the application.

This is this way, since the application of GB Whatsapp grants all the necessary permissions so that it can save the files inside a file called AndroidManifest.xml.

The reason for this type of files is saved in this way, puede ser muy negativo y representa una gran desventaja para todos los usuarios.

Ya que cuando utilices cualquier aplicacin que puede tener este tipo de permisos, puede llegar a ser un tema alarmante y se deber tener cuidado con este tipo de accesos.

Nuestro telfono celular en este tipo de eventos se siente un poco sensible, ya que la informacin que en l se encuentra es importante y se debe cuidar.

However, el tener archivos importantes almacenado en formatos de xml y de SQlite, pueden ser archivos para tener mucho cuidado, ya el sistema puede tener acceso a l y por ende puede ser ms fcil obtener estos archivos. Adems de que los datos importantes, que guarda nuestro dispositivo, se almacenan en la tarjeta SD, por lo que obtener esta informacin es ms sencilla.

Otra de las desventajas que puede presentar la aplicacin de GB WhatApp, es que para poder realizar la descarga y utilizar esta aplicacin, esta no se encuentra disponible dentro de la tienda de descargas de Google.

Para poder realizar la descarga de la misma, se debe realizar la bsqueda del archivo Apk desde tu navegador favorito, lo cual podra ser perjudicial para tu telfono inteligente.

Ya que para poder realizar la instalacin de la aplicacin, se debe realizar primero la activacin de la configuracin para poder habilitar la instalacin de todas las aplicaciones que sean de origen desconocido.

Es por ese mismo motivo que se debe tener cuidado del lugar o el sitio web en donde se realicen la descarga de estas aplicaciones.

Tambin es importante recalcar, que al utilizar enlaces que se encuentra fuera de la tienda de aplicaciones de Google, equivale a realizar la descarga de aplicaciones o archivos que no han sido pasados por el filtro de seguridad.

Esto quiere decir que no tendramos ningn tipo de informacin si el archivo que se est descargando posee algn tipo de virus que puede ocasionar daos a nuestro dispositivo.

Las ltimas actualizaciones que han desarrollado los creadores de GB WhatsApp

En caso de que deseen realizar la descarga de la ltima modificacin o versin de la aplicacin de GB Whatsapp, aqu debajo te dejar la mejor informacin acerca del archivo Apk que necesitas para instalar la aplicacin.

  • La ltima versin es la 6.85
  • El tamao del archivo es de 35.70 MB
  • Se puede utilizar a partir de la versin 4.0 de Android
  • El nombre de la aplicacin es GB Whatsapp
  • No es necesario que el dispositivo se encuentra rooteado
  • No tiene ningn tipo de precio realizar la descarga o instalacin de la aplicacin

Es importante recalcar que la mayora de las aplicaciones que han sido creada para sistemas de iOS, Windows Phone o Android,han ido evolucionando con el paso del tiempo buscando siempre mejorarla.

En el caso de esta aplicacin, no se vern actualizaciones muy a menudo, ya que los desarrolladores de la misma se enfocan en mejorar alguna actualizacin y corregir errores, de tal manera de dejar una aplicacin perfecta para instalar o actualizar.

Recuerda que es muy importante a la hora de buscar para realizar la descarga escribir el nombre de la App de manera correcta.

De esta forma, vas a tener que encontrar la Apk con su nombre real, GB Whatsapp. Esto evitar que realices la descarga de otro tipo de aplicaciones mal intencionadas que solo se encargan de daar el dispositivo.

Dado que existen algunos casos de usuarios a los cuales le robaron informacin por haber instalado aplicaciones de mala manera, ya sea por escribir el nombre mal

Actualizacin 8 de Marzo

Desde el el blog oficial de Whatsapp an afirmado que el uso de este tipo de aplicaciones puede suponer un baneo temporal del sistema.

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