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Download Condis Family, the app to order your purchase, get offers and more

The Condis supermarket chain has taken a step further in its online strategy by offering a new service to its customers. It's about the application Condis Family which is already possible to download on iOS and Android devices for free, with which the user can make the purchase to pick it up later at one of the physical stores, among other features.

The app merges benefits of the digital ecosystem such as ordering the purchase from home or anywhere else, as well as the physical environment as it has exclusive offers redeemable at the Condis points of sale.

Condis launches its own app with registration to unify its online (and offline) services

download condis Family

The app has a free registration to create an account and personalize the experience both inside and outside the online platform. In this way, the customer can create your shopping list directly in the application and even send it to your favorite Condis store to pick up the products later, or establish that they send the purchase home the next day.

Also, with this option, the app itself suggests recipes based on products listed in the shopping list. Moreover, each item shows its table of nutrition, ingredients, allergens and other manufacturer information.

Also highlights a chat with which to order fresh products. By talking directly with a Condis store manager, the user can explain how he wants the meat – for example – and other related details instantly. Then, once you pass through the store you will have the order ready to pay and take it.

download condis Family

And as usual in this type of apps, Condis Family has a section with exclusive benefits such as punctual offers, workshops, gifts, etc … The company ensures that new advantages will appear over time.

On the other hand, and especially designed for those who are outside or who have moved to another location and want locate your nearest Condis, the application integrates a map with augmented reality to find the supermarkets near the customer's location.

You can now download Condis Family on your smartphone or tablet

Condis Family is complemented by the website, the chain's online supermarket, in addition to physical stores. With the same account you can associate the web and application profiles to unify advantages, orders and more.

As we indicated before, it is already possible download Condis Family for free on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) through the App Store, and Android (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, BQ and others) using Google Play.

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