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Different uses of WhatsApp, the best messenger app

In ActualApp We love helping you in everything we can. In this article we want to talk about the most famous messenger app in the world. We will comment on different uses of WhatsApp, a service that has millions of users worldwide. And beware, it's totally free.

Before the arrival of internet to the smartphone the usual way of communication were calls or SMS. Now these two methods, especially SMS, have been surpassed by WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, Signal or all other online messaging services that are on the market.

These are all uses of WhatsApp

Like everything in life what I started as an application to send messages A lot has evolved. In fact, the first version that appeared on the market has nothing to do with what we currently have. Think that such was your success that Zuckerber and his own bought it at the time for 19,000 million dollars. Oh it's nothing

But let's go to what interests us. Then we will detail All uses of WhatsApp today. We will start with the most basic and we will progressively complicated it. That s, to use it obviously you should install WhatsApp to your device Al lo.

Send text messages, emoticons and voice memos

Of course not? Its main use is to allow us Send text messages to our friends. It is enough that we have the phone number of the other users and we will be able to interact with them. It also allows groups in which a lot of users can speak. The current limit I think is 250 users, a lot.

In addition our messages can be accompanied by little cartoons called emojis. There is a lot and some are to split. They are undoubtedly the ideal complement. They allow us to express our thoughts much better. We love them.

whatsapp applications

But if you do not write, you can also send a voice note. Pressing the button in the lower right corner we can record messages and send them to our contacts. This way they will receive the clip, they can listen to it and respond as they like, in writing or also by voice.

Send photos and videos, especially memes

This is one of the most widespread uses of WhatsApp. People use the application to share a lot of photos and videos. To do this we can use the camera application that is integrated in WhatsApp or send a photo or video that we have in our gallery.

The ease in carrying out this process has made this app almost become a social network of viral content. There are many videos and memes They have been distributed millions of times. In fact one of the main concerns of WhatsApp owners is its use to expand fake news.

Send the location

Have you ever met anyone and don't know exactly the place? Well, no problem. In fact this is another of the great uses of WhatsApp. You can send your location in just two clicks. The receiver should only click on the map and the GPS application will open You have by default. It is a true luxury.

Send all types of files

When this news came out it was a boom. Now through WhatsApp you can send all kinds of files. This is useful in the case of PDFs or Word documents, although you can send whatever you want.

whatsapp applications

Share contacts in two screen touches

This is really useful! You know that typical question of Hey, do you have Juan's number?. Well, with WhatsApp the answer is to send the contact directly. The person who receives it should only click on add and the name comes out, the phone and all the other information we have in that contact.

Make voice calls

It may seem crazy, and in fact it is. But one of the uses of WhatsApp It is to make calls in the traditional way through the internet. This is very useful because if for example we call the other side of the world, our operator We don't charge a paste for it.

Making video calls is also possible

Not enough tennis with a call? Well, calm down, Whatsapp allows you to make video calls in the purest Skype style. In addition if we have a good network, whether it is WiFi or data rate, the quality of video calls is more than acceptable.

WhatsApp also have Stories

Zuckerberg had a hand with this story. In a few months he put them on Instagram, Facebook and also on WhatsApp. So you can hang your ephemeral content either in video or in photo. Obviously you can also see everything your contacts share. The truth is that this is one of the uses of WhatsApp They are less used.

whatsapp applications

WhatsApp Web, use the app on your computer

That's cool. We can connect WhatsApp to our computer, either Windows or Mac, and send messages with our keyboard. It's really good. The service is called WhatsApp Web and you can activate it following this tutorial. It is super useful.

Are there other uses of WhatsApp?

This application has a lot of uses. Here we have reviewed the most important. We have another article focused on the tricks of WhatsApp in which more features appear. In any case, if you think there are other uses of WhatsApp that should appear in the article, leave us a comment. We will study it and if necessary we will add them to the post. Long live WhatsApp!

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