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Crime War with its multiplayer 4v4

PAYDAY: War Crime has just arrived in advance access to Android for you to enjoy intense multiplayer 4v4 games. You will have two very different roles: either be the cop, or be the thief. And who doesn't like this kind of games in which to rob banks or defend them like those Hollywood movies?

All that intensity it's very well done for a shooter in the first person that comes with all the details and in which we will have different missions according to the side that we have to play. And of course, there is no lack of that freemium with which to get cards to improve weapons, armor and different skills as well as improve each of the members of the band, either of the cops or thieves.

Great time for such a game

With everything the future of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, and in which you have a huge map to lose yourself until you find the rest of the players, PAYDAY: War Crime takes us to small maps where things have to be done and the frenzy of combat will take us to a game after game.


We can almost say that there is no rest here in a 4v4 multiplayer shooter in which you can control your favorite character of PAYDAY or be one of the members of GenSec to establish the law in the city. Come on, like that Counter Strike with the terrorists …


You have on the one hand the Quick games where you can try your new weapons and equipment, and then the scoring games in which you will have to duel with the thousands of players that will be arriving at this shooter. That is, there is a leaderboard in which you will have to climb the PUBG Mobile style with its seasons. This will decide the loot you will collect according to your reputation, although to tell the truth, if you spend euros, you can draw more cards. And more cards means more power. You know what we are talking about.

Fight as a thief or police in PAYDAY: War Crime

If you play as an assailant, you will have to find your life to open all safes while you duel against the police players of GenSec. If you play as a cop, you will have to join your teammates to prevent the PAYDAY band from completing their assault and taking all the loot.

PAYDAY War Crime

Throughout your walk through PAYDAY: War Crime you will have to unlock several characters with unique abilities, customize their weapons and get various skills. We return to freemium, you can get it for free by putting the time of your life in return unless you pay with your card. Here the story is that, unlike PUBG Mobile or Fortnite where objects are cosmetic, you can get weapons cards that will improve your equipment, skills and so on. Yes, a full-fledged Pay to Win.

The only thing that since your games are cool, come on to play it for free until that we realize that we lose time as our progression is very slow. A pity, because they have a basis for attracting followers without the need to give those weapons to those "whales" that release their goose pulp …

A quality pay-to-win

If you are able to ignore everything what is said of pay-to-winWell, you have a game for weeks, since you'll have to work it out to get more characters and that team. The truth is that in the time that we have played one of his tips that we liked is the intensity. Here, at the minimum, you will have two shooting without stopping, so there is no time to breathe.


PAYDAY: War Crime comes as a freemium to Clash Royale and others that is characterized for great technical quality and some aupa graphics to freak it out with your Android terminal. If you want to evolve in the ranges for your worth, you always have the new update with Deathmatch mode of PUBG Mobile.

A good arrival in advance mode called PAYDAY: War Crime that puts all the meat on the grill to rip fans from the aforementioned battle royale. If you want intensity all the time and a pay-to-win you are already taking.

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PAYDAY: Crime War

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