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Comparison: Nokia N1 against the rest of light tablets

Nokia has surprised today with a lightweight tablet with Android. After the purchase of Microsoft lost much of its assets, but the name remains and Android welcomes (again) a mythical manufacturer. Nokia N1 is the name of this tablet presented today with Android 5.0 Lollipop, very interesting specifications and a price around $ 249.

Until 2015 we will not be able to enjoy this lightweight 7.9 ″ tablet, so it may be a bit late to beat the competition. Now we have to make our comparison and we have to say that it comes out very well, especially considering its price.

Nokia N1, an excellent tablet now, will it still be in 2015?

We have a high resolution screen, something that most lightweight tablets later this year already incorporate. Inside we have a high-end Intel Atom processor, manufactured in 22nm and with 64 bits, possibly one of the most powerful seen on a tablet next to the Tegra K1 of the Nexus 9. To accompany this chip we have 2GB of RAM, something very common in thin tablets.

We continue with the photographic section. We have 8MP rear and 5MP front, but Without seeing the first photos taken, we cannot establish a valid comparison.

The 32GB of storage surprised us. Since the usual in this type of tablets is usually 16GB. The sound of the Nokia N1 seems very good, the added USB type C is surely a standard in 2015 And that style of aluminum that reminds us we don't know which tablet is also attractive.

We continue with the battery, 5300mAh that are above the majority. Although that affects the weight of 318g, which is somewhat heavier than several larger screen models.

And finally we have Android 5.0 Lollipop and its Z Launcher. Most manufacturers have not yet secured the specific date, although We believe that by the time this Nokia N1 comes out the rest of the tablets will also have updated.

Here we leave you the complete table of specifications of the best Android light tablets. There are many options to choose from. Can the Nokia N1 make a dent when it leaves for early 2015?

Nokia N1 against the competition

Nokia N1Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet CompactHTC Nexus 9Lenovo Tab S8-50Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4Huawei MediaPad X1Nvidia SHIELDSamsung Galaxy Tab ActiveAsus Memo Pad 8Xiaomi MiPadAlcatel OneTouch PIXI 7Acer Iconia One 7LG G Pad 8.0
screen7.9 ", 1536 x 20488.00«, 1080 x 1920 (FullHD)8.90«, 1536 x 20488.00 '', 1200 x 19208.40«, 1600 x 25607.00«, 1200 x 19208.00 '', 1200 x 19208.00 '', 800 x 12808.00 '', 1200 x 19207.9«, 1536 x 20487.00«, 540 x 9607.00«, 800 x 12808.00 '', 800 x 1280
ProcessorIntel Atom Z3580 QuadCore 2.3GHzSnapdragon 801 Quad core 2.5GHzNVIDIA Tegra K1 Dual core 2500MHzIntel Atom ZZ3745 QuadCore 1.86 GHzExynos 5 Octa 5420, 8-core 1900MHzHisilicon Kirin 910 Quad core 1600 MHzNVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad core 2200MHzSnapdragon 400 Quad core 1200MHzIntel Atom Z3580 Quad core 2300MHzNvidia Tegra K1 Quad core 2200MHzMediatek Dual core 1200MHzIntel Atom Z2560 Dual core 1600MHzSnapdragon 400 8226 Quad core 1200MHz
Storage32GB16 GB16 / 32GB16 GB32GB16 GB32GB16 GB32GB16 GB4GB8GB16 GB
micro SDDo notSDo notDo notSSSSDo notSSSS
Cameras8MP – 5MP8.1 MP – 2.2 MP8 MP – 3 MP8 MP – 1.6 MP8 MP – 2.1 MP13 MP – 5 MP5 MP – 5 MP3.1 MP – 1.2 MP5MP – 1.2 MP8 MP – 5 MP0.3 MP – 0.3 MP5 MP – 0.3 MP5 MP – 1.3 MP
Size (mm)200.7 x 138.6 x 6.9213.4 x 123.6 x 6.4228.3 153.7 7.95209.8 x 123.8 x 7.9212.8 x 125.6 x 6.6183.5 x 103.9 x 7.18223.5 x 127 x 9.1126.2 x 213.1 x 9.75213 x 123 x 7.45202.1 x 135.4 x 8.5192 x 110 x 9.95198 x 119 x 8.9210.8 x 124.2 x 9.9
Weight (grams)318270425299298239390393299360285342
AndroidAndroid 5.0 Lollipop + Nokia Z Launcher4.4. + CloakAndroid 5.0 Lollipop4.44.4.2 + Samsung TouchWiz UI4.2.2 + Emotion 2.0 IU4.44.4 + Samsung TouchWiz UI4.4 + Layer4.
Water / Dust ResistanceDo notS, IP68Do notDo notDo notDo notDo notS, IP 56Do notDo notDo notDo notDo not

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