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Children of Light, a mobile game that reminds RiME

If you remember Apple's keynote in 2017, you probably also remember Sky: Children of Light, a game that caught the attention and that until now, which can finally be downloaded on iOS, we don't know much. Two years have passed since that presentation and finally it is here; That s, so far it has only reached the operating system of the iPhone and iPad.

However, its landing on macOS, tvOS, Windows, Android and consoles is still present in the plans of the developer, thatgamecompany, so sooner or later we will end up enjoying it on several platforms.

Fly in a visually very attractive world with a strong emphasis on the sound experience

As we indicated in the title, the game quickly reminds us of RiME, one of the great indie successes also multiplatform. The approach is similar., not the puzzles that, in our opinion, are more challenging in RiME.

The graphic section is undoubtedly its great asset, which will attract us to download it to our devices. The story, or perhaps the explanation of the argument, is its counterpart; It is not very clear what we are seeing in kinematics, nor what certain manifestations represent, especially during the first hours of the game.

The controls, fortunately, are very simple: sliding your finger on the right side of the screen we will move the camera while with the left we control the progress of the character through the environment. Additionally, we will also have some other button on the screen (to jump, for example) and sometimes some actions will appear such as putting a candle or interacting with spirits.

download Sky: Children of Light

With which we can also interact be With the other players. They will be displayed on screen together with us (a battle royale) to talk and communicate or even to explore dungeons and landscapes with them.

Another aspect to highlight is the audio: nothing else to start the game recommend us use headphones so as not to miss the immersive experience that this section implies. We also join this recommendation.

You can now download Sky: Children of Light on iOS

So, is it worth installing? For our part, s. It is certainly a very interesting idea and if in the future it is finished polishing, end up being round.

As we said at the beginning, for now you can only download Sky: Children of Light on iOS, but will soon be launched on other platforms (no specific date for each of them). On Android, for example, you can now access its tab on Google Play to receive a notification when it is available.

Finally, note that the game is available in Spanish (although the location of the texts may be improvable) and is free, although as usual, it incorporates optional in-app purchases.

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What do you think of Sky: Children of Light? Did you remember this game or has it been a discovery for you? You can leave your opinion below.

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