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Attention to these 5 errors of your smartphone!

Which user has not ever encountered an error message on the screen of the device without knowing very well what he is talking about and much less how to solve it? The AndroidPIT forum is full of threads related to inquiries of this kind. However, and in case you have encountered some error, do not panic! Here you have a list of the most common messages and errors, as well as how to solve them.

"Google Play Store stopped"

Among all the problems that Android users can find, the error related to sudden stops of Google Play Store is the great classic among the classics. The reasons why this problem can occur are diverse and the solutions too. So much so that we have an entire article dedicated to the Google Play error codes and their solutions:

AndroidPIT google play tips tricks 8174
With billions of users it is normal that I ever pete. / AndroidPIT

" has stopped"

If the first problem was related to Google Play, this has to do with Google apps or Gapps. This is another classic of the classics, which luckily is gradually being solved in the new versions of Android. For this error we also have a complete article that explains step by step how to solve this happy error.

AndroidPIT google process error
Google apps sometimes give problems / AndroidPIT

To learn more about Gapps you can visit this article: What are Gapps and how to install them.

"Package file is not valid"

We focus on a message so classic that there may not be an Android user who has not encountered it before, especially when trying to download an application. The error sometimes also jumps when updating an application. Here are some things you can try:

  • Uninstall the application from Google Play and describe it again.
  • Enter and exit your Google Play account.
  • Clear data and cache from the Google Play app
  • Alternatively, you can also uninstall updates from Google Play.

The smartphone does not recognize the SIM

Among all the errors, this may be the one that produces the most panic. In this case the things to check are more than in the rest of the errors that here you can fail many things. There are locked smartphones to only use an operator's SIM, some types of cards collapse on some specific devices, etc. As you can see there is a good range of possibilities so in this case we also have an entire article dedicated to this topic:

AndroidPIT sim tray tools to open 2208
The first thing is to put it that sometimes is not easy either. / AndroidPIT

"Sync Error"

To conclude, we run into one of the big problems we surf every day: synchronization problems. The most common is that our mailbox shows this message but the truth is that this can happen with anyone. The origin is mainly in our connection or just at the other end in the application servers. If these servers are in maintenance and cannot satisfy all requests, it is normal that there are problems with our synchronization.

My favorite mistake of this kind is when WhatsApp shows you a notification saying you might have messages, but it doesn't show any. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this is usually to wait for the server to return the request or move to take some more coverage.

smartphone office
Even if you look at it a lot, it doesn't sync before. / AndroidPIT

Do you remember any other error message that occurs often?

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