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[APPnlisis iPadizate!] WebPad for iPad

Share your drawings with your friends in real time with WebPad.

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WebPad is an app that allows us to share our drawings made with the iPad with our friends. Drawings are saved on WebPad servers, can be shared and commented.

So that your friends can see your drawings you have a WebPad address, which you can share with your friends and access through any browser To see your drawing in real time.

To view the drawings in real time it is necessary to enter through a desktop browser. From WebPad Recommend Firefox 3.5 +, Safari 5, Chrome 5.

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<p>WebPad features:</p>
<p>  Free registration with the WebPad service.<br />
<strong>Easy to use</strong>.<br />
 Exchange in real time on the Web.<br />
 Screen (horizontal or vertical).<br />
 Share by email<br />
 The drawing is saved even if you leave the application.<br />
 The drawings can be saved with the browser.</p>
<p><strong>Webpad </strong>is already available in the<strong> App Store</strong> At a price of<strong> 2.99.</strong></p>
<p><em>Do you like to draw Will you use WebPad?</em></p>
<p>Download App Store | Webpad</p>
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