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Apple Watch: Take advantage of Apple's 24-hour clock

One, who is passionate about Apple products, or doubt as soon as it hit the market: the Apple Watch is an exciting leap of technology from the apple to our face. Well, under that premise and as economically I saw it viable, I went through an Apple Store and I got one. First impressions? Yes, there was no doubt that it was a very useful device and loaded with technology, but I needed to get to the last version, the Apple Watch 4 LTE, to understand how important it had become for me. How do I get the most out of it every day?

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LTE, without hesitation

The first big question that can assail you is if it compensates for the price premium of having the LTE / 4G model with virtual SIM; As you know, this version does not depend on the proximity of an iPhone to be operational, so you can go for a walk or play sports by leaving your phone at home or in the car and still be connected. This overpricing has now become a virtue since I practically always try to walk the dog without the iPhone and, on the other hand, carrying a connected device that can assist you in an emergency provides you with a security that cannot be explained if it does not feel. This summer, on the beach or on a bicycle, I knew that the Apple Watch was there in case of problems.

Greater health awareness

Always, from the first model, I have chosen to sleep with the Apple Watch why? First, to trace my dream activity, along with the pulsations; secondly, for the convenience of being able to look at the time if I woke up at night in a comfortable way, and thirdly, for being able to set a silent alarm clock without disturbing my partner. There were many who then clung to the myth that it was necessary to charge it every night, but it is not so: I charge the Watch while I take a shower in the morning and when I prepare dinner, and I always have it with plenty of cargo.

This device has made me much more health conscious: now I am waiting to close the rings, watch my pulsations and of course, I have managed to improve my quantity and quality of sleep thanks to the device. Isn't it great that a tech gadget has a direct impact on health?

Notifications, at bay

apple watch lte or gps series 4 review 7Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

We all know how disturbing and annoying our dependence on the phone is: all the time pending on the screen and with the anxiety of fear of having missed something. Well, even though I initially feared that the Apple Watch was going to increase this tension over the connection, precisely the opposite has happened: when I carry the watch in my face, still closer than the iPhone, it forces me to be disciplined with notifications. This hygiene work led to the fact that only a few really important notifications reach my face, while the rest remain waiting on the iPhone. What have I gained with this? Less dependence on the screen

Personal security

Abundant in what I have described before about the advantages of the LTE version, the Apple Watch is a kind of bodyguard for those who wear it: with the fall detection activated, you already know that if you suffer an accident, a faint or any other incident , the watch conveniently notify the emergency services and the contacts that we have configured, so that the waiting time before being helped is reduced to a minimum. On the other hand, in case of theft or any other incident, access to emergency services is much more direct and by simple pressing.

And what to come

Apple has always endorsed the maximum of a platform on which to develop the software: that is, that on the same hardware the manufacturer develops and incorporates new functions. Proof of this product strategy was the recent addition of a system that allows the device to perform electrocardiograms, and from there potentially save the lives of some affected. But the best will undoubtedly be about to incorporate the Apple Watch in the future? Not surprisingly there are rumors of an Apple Watch Series 5.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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