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Apple doesn't want Siri to declare herself a feminist and that's problematic

The resurgence of the movements of the 60s has been, in part, possible thanks to the proliferation of social networks and viral stories. Movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo have once again put into the mouth all the rights of African Americans in the United States and of women around the world. If you wonder why they have a hashtag (#), it is precisely because digital communication platforms have allowed social justice issues to be consolidated and that people in different corners of the world can converge to talk about a common theme that is affecting.

apple siri non feminist neutral

But precisely those who have facilitated this change of ideas are in the eye of the hurricane. While its people have been targeted for having a liberal bias, Apple has enraged the most liberal. This September 6, The Guardian reported that an Apple contractor revealed that the firm has a guide in which it tells Siri developers to block the word feminism. Moreover, if you ask Siri if she is a feminist, she answers the following: I believe in equality and in treating people with respect.

The documents cited by the British newspaper also suggest changing the subject and not encouraging interaction, to finally inform. Apple defends itself by saying that what it seeks is to be as neutral as possible.

In order to compare, I asked the Google Assistant and Alexa if they were feminists. Interestingly, Apple has been the only one of the three who has been cautious in that regard.

The Google Assistant gives the most passionate answer and even includes a poo emoji at the end of the sentence. I strongly believe in equality, so I definitely consider myself a feminist. Alexa, a little more reserved gave a short answer, but to the point: Yes, I believe in gender equality.

It's hard to understand why Apple's decision. The technologies are characterized by having a great gender disparity in the highest positions. Avoiding the use of the word feminist in your virtual assistant (which has a female voice by default) does not speak well of a company or the minds behind its development.

In 2019, a technology company is obliged to take a decisive stance on these issues, however controversial they may be. To be neutral is to ignore that there are problems such as the gender pay gap or the "glass ceiling". Just as Google and Amazon did, Apple must be defined. After all, their products are made for everyone, regardless of sex.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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