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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air analysis: my first (and last?) Wireless headphones

Until recently I had refused to try wireless headphones. For what, if I was satisfied with my lifelong cable headphones? Finally give in to temptation, being able to try the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. Find out if they have convinced me in our complete analysis.


  • Sound quality
  • Battery
  • Comfort


  • Sometimes synchronization fails
  • Touch control not very sensitive

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air – Availability and price

Anker adds other headphones to your Soundcore line with these Liberty Air, available in white or black for a price of 99.99 euros. It is an affordable price, especially when compared to the competition, with AirPods that cost 229 or Galaxy Buds for sale for 149.

androidpit soundcore liberty air 1
Charging case included. / AndroidPIT

Minimalist design with great comfort

It is difficult to innovate in the design of wireless headphones: they all end up looking like each other. More or less minimalist features, few color options (usually white or black), a "stick" shape that comes out of your ear …

The headphones come with a case, very practical size, where you can store and transport them, since they barely take up space in your backpack or even in your pocket. In addition, said case also performs the function of charging. Once charged through its micro-USB port, serve to recharge your headphones anywhere, without plugging them into the power.

androidpit soundcore liberty air 3
Its case is easy to transport. / AndroidPIT

When you open the case (which closes magically), the LEDs on its front light up, thus showing the remaining battery level. Anker says its Liberty Air reaches
up to 5 hours of autonomy
, arriving at 20 hours if we use the recharge case. These are loaded thanks to the small connection that you see at the bottom of the headphones (see photo).

Tip for newbies: when you release the Liberty Air, you see that they come with a small plastic protective film in that place. If you don't remove that piece of plastic, the headphones don't charge. It took me a while to draw this conclusion on my own, after wondering why they didn't charge my headphones. Yes, my first experience with headphones of this type began on the right foot …

androidpit soundcore liberty air 7
Take away the plastic! / AndroidPIT

In my test, the Liberty Air have proved to be very comfortable, fitting perfectly in my ear. In addition, Anker has included up to 4 types of headphone cases, so you can choose between sizes XS, S, M or L depending on your needs.

Touch controls … sometimes

Liberty Air does not have physical buttons, its controls are tactile. Once on, just touch the outside of the headphones. This is the list of the main commands:

  • 2 touches on the right handset: play / pause or answer / hang up a call
  • Press and hold right headset: skip to the next track or reject a call.
  • Press and hold left headset: skip to the previous track or put call on hold.

It seems easy, doesn't it? Well, in my case it hasn't been.
The touch part is not very sensitive
: Most of the time I didn't recognize my orders, or I changed track when I only wanted to pause it for a moment. This is especially cumbersome when you're listening to podcasts, you just want to stop it for a moment … and what it does is jump to the next one. Sometimes, and to avoid these problems, I preferred to change songs with my smartphone before "taking a chance".

androidpit soundcore liberty air vs airpods
Liberty Air (left) vs AirPods (right). / AndroidPIT

Synchronization, on the other hand, is not perfect either. Sometimes it may happen that the bluetooth connection fails, so the music stops playing through the headphones. Or, suddenly, one of the two headphones stops working.

To solve this, you must remove Liberty Air from your device's bluetooth list, press a headset for 4 seconds and repeat the action on the other before storing the headphones in their case. After this, you can take them out again and place them side by side. If the LED starts to flash, you can now pair them again on your device. A procedure that, unfortunately, you should do more times than you would like.

Remarkable audio quality

The sound quality is generally good.
in all situations, being clear and clear, both listening to music with Spotify or YouTube, as well as when playing podcasts. Maybe I expected an extra point in its volume, since sometimes I have to raise it almost to the maximum.

And here comes one of the disadvantages of these headphones: there is no way to increase or decrease the volume without having to do it from the paired device. The feeling of freedom offered by the absence of cable is damaged when you have to take your smartphone out of your pocket to lower the volume.

androidpit soundcore liberty air 2
Do not expect the best sound quality, but it is more than acceptable. / AndroidPIT

Final verdict

When this type of headphones began to proliferate in our cities, it was one of those who thought it was an absurd and a bit ridiculous fashion. What advantages can they have over classic helmets?

Although I was very skeptical before trying them, the first few days I got a good impression. I could leave my smartphone in my room and still talk on the phone while cooking, or listen to music while riding a bike leaving my big smartphone in my backpack.

androidpit soundcore liberty air 9
Are they really necessary? / AndroidPIT

But these are just details. Do headphones like this make my life easier? The answer is no. I always listen to music on my way home from work. Since in the morning I don't have much time to lose, I prefer to take my old headphones and shoot out at the office, without needing to stop synchronizing them, and without that it does not assure me that in the middle of the way I get rid of my smartphone. And that is something that happens often and by magic, that the headphones lose the bluetooth connection. And not only that, I'm dying of shame if that happens (as it happened to me) in a silent plane: now the entire crew knows that I like Rosala.

All this aside, and if you are already used to these inconveniences of wireless headphones, Liberty Air can be a good option. They have a good autonomy, they are comfortable to use, they have a more than acceptable sound … and the best is their price, since most headphones of this type cost more than 100 euros.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

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