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Android 9 Pie let you customize the buttons on your Xbox or PS4 controller

We had to wait until the arrival of Android 9 Pie to find the solution to a somewhat curious problem. Those of us who have an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, we can pair it with our device via bluetooth, but there is a detail.

What is really a simple process, in some games it becomes a small nightmare, since the assignment of the buttons is different from the usual one. This simple detail makes our gaming experience not as satisfactory as we expected.

We can already enjoy our gamepads in Android 9

We can already enjoy our gamepads in Android 9

Let's be honest, playing using a touch screen is fine, but it doesn't offer the sensations of using a good controller. And run our favorite game and find that the button assignment is completely wrong, it is frustrating.

Depending on the game you try we were with a different distribution and worst of all, we had no option to reallocate the buttons to our liking. This caused a flood of reports indicating that this problem existed.

Solution to the problem with the Xbox One controller

It was not until a few weeks ago that Google reported that the problem would be solved in Android 9, first for users of Xbox One controller. In addition, it has recently been discovered in the Android 9 AOSP archives, which has also been fixed for PS4 controls.

Here we see the inclusion of the mapping for the DualShock 4

Something seemingly simple, but it has taken time to arrive

Who wants to play with cable in 2018?

The solution to this problem, theoretically was simple, the Google guys just had to add the configuration of the distribution of the buttons of both controls. So when pressing the X, the device will know that we have pressed that button and must perform the action associated with it, either a shot or a jump of our character.

As we have seen before, this was not the case until now and therefore there were alternative solutions, but they involved doing root And that is not recommended for all users. Especially since in recent times there are many features and applications that stopped working when root was detected.

Thanks to the inclusion, within the source code of Android 9 Pie, the mapping of the most popular controls among players will no longer be necessary to use any of these devices. Offering a transparent user experience, since we only have to connect and enjoy.

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