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AirPods rivals with noise cancellation

Huawei has surprised us a lot this year with its releases, in addition to the Kirin 990 and the Mate 30 series, which has its own launch at the end of the month, the technology giant brings a pair of wireless headphones, the FreeBuds 3 and it should be noted that They look a lot like Apple Airpods.

Design and load power

The Freebuds 3 They have not been Huawei's first wireless headphones, but they do deviate a bit from their previous version. On the one hand, they continued the tendency of Freebuds 2 to get rid of the design of the in-ear headphones wanting to be the direct rival of the Airpods.

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However, the charging base has changed, and instead of designing the small case, Huawei is opting for a case in which the Freebuds can slide. They will come in a circular transport box, in bright black or white options which charge the headphones up to 20 hours and will have a runtime of 4 hours of playback on a single charge.

It is the first headset with this design and ANC cancellation

One of its main characteristics is active noise cancellation (ANC), a rarity for this type of wireless headset design: Huawei says they are the world's first open-fit ANC headphones. That is, it has a dedicated microphone conduit that reduces the wind and improves the quality of the microphone a bit. To the point where you can apparently speak freely while riding a bike at high speed. It can be said that the company has endeavored to ensure that FreeBuds 3 are efficient and comfortable.

One of the most important functions that users look for in headphones with noise cancellation is if they can truly disconnect from the outside world. Well, with these new Huawei devices calibrate the noise cancellation to decide what we do not want to hear, whether it is less avin buzzing or coffee talk.

You should not have communication and connectivity problems with FreeBuds 3

Huawei not only offers an environmental noise reduction of up to 15dB for each ear canal, but the company says that the tips of each earpiece can capture the vocal vibrations through a «seo sensor«. This detects when you are talking and helps clarify and amplify when you are talking on calls.

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It is another statement by Huawei at this stage, but the sensor paired with a specially designed microphone conduit can apparently do its magic so well that it could carry out a "crystalline" conversation while riding a bicycle at high speed. Other specifications worth noting is a latency of 190 ms, which exceeds the latency figures for the incredible Sony Buds WF-1000XM3 and both versions of Apple AirPods: it is an important feature for anyone who uses their headphones to play or watch videos.

Apparently, it is the first chip Bluetooth 5.1 and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 of the world. Why should you mind having it in your next pair of wireless headphones? Well, the chip can offer a dual channel Bluetooth connection, which means a latency up to 30% lower and energy consumption fifty% minor, crucial statistics for small audio products. Due to the Huawei chipset, this functionality is only enabled on the phones of this company for now.

Your price and availability

The Huawei FreeBuds 3 will naturally be cheaper than the AirPods of 180 euros, but no specific price has been indicated. In Europe, headphones are expected to be launched next month.

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