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After public pressure, YouTube launch Kids platform as a website

  • According to the European Commission, one in three Internet users in the world are children

  • In Shared Hope figures, up to 16 percent of young people have seen, on some website, pornography hardcore

  • Growing Wireless notes that the average age to receive a first smartphone is already 12.1 years

One of the great challenges of programmatic content platforms is content tagging and filtering. More than one website has erroneously put inadequate advertising for the type of resource where it is projected. It is also common for certain platforms to deploy inadequate information due to classification errors. For YouTube, the challenge has materialized through its younger audience.

The video company has faced, already for years, strong critics for the ease with which children can access inappropriate content. Although its app YouTube Kids has been available for some time, it seems not to be enough. In a release, the site said it will also launch a version of its exclusive website for young people next week. Also, add different tiers of content for different ages and audiences.

Just add a dedicated website?

How to properly address the younger segment of the audience has been one of the most complex challenges of technology companies and the market in general. In accordance with PwC, are an attractive segment for brands. This causes more than one website and company to have gotten into trouble as it approaches this population. Whether to create bad habits, violate privacy rules or employ worrying business tactics.

Despite these fears, it remains doubtful whether creating a separate website is a sufficient solution. The idea is not new: The Atlantic He proposed to create an internet exclusively for the use of children. But carrying out this plan will be complex. The Conversation notes that many young people consider access to this virtual world as a human right. In addition, according Family education, most parents do not know how their children spend their time online.

In this sense, it is unlikely that an exclusive website for children is enough to solve the problem. In fact, it is likely that the challenge never has a real solution. But it is enough to relieve the pressure on YouTube's shoulders. With one page and one app dedicated to young people, the responsibility of monitoring content consumption remains on the user's side. Thus, he could defend himself better from accusations of the public.


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