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Advan, the mobile manufacturer that sponsors FC Barcelona

Today we knew a rather surprising agreement. The football club Barcelona has reached an agreement with a manufacturer of smartphones and tablets. So far so good, if it weren't because even for us who are used to this world the name of the brand didn't sound like us.

Is about Advan, a mobile company from Indonesia. We will take advantage of today to know your products and your relationship with the Barcelona team. More and more mobile manufacturers are sponsoring soccer teams, let's see if today's devices are worth it.

Advan, a company that wants to make itself known

Advan becomes the official sponsor of Barça for two years. An alliance in which the manufacturer seeks its international expansion. Today, Advan is one of the largest manufacturers of Indonesia, a community where Barça has a huge number of fans. In fact, Barça's LINE channels on the Indonesian channel have more than one million followers. A brutal amount of passionate people who have taken advantage to make themselves known.

For the occasion, Advan has launched two terminals with the football team seal on its back cover. An economical five-inch smartphone and a seven-inch tablet. The official price or its availability has not yet been specified but we already anticipate that for the moment they will be destined for Indonesia.

Advan Barça 5

advan barça

The Advan Barça 5 smartphone that wants to become the official mobile of the team is a five-inch HD, with gold or silver finishes, the logo on the back and low-mid-range specifications. An 8MP rear camera (IMX 219 and f / 2.0) that we can activate by voice, 5MP front, 1.4GHz OctaCore processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, in addition to having Google Apps and Google Play, An essential addition but not in all countries is usual to see.

Its price is 1799000 Rp or what is the same, about € 117, a price that is not bad for your specifications. And while it is true that there are quite a few alternatives, it is a device that can be sold very well in Indonesia. In addition to being offered along with several cashback options. We wonder how this terminal would be linked to a Spanish operator.

Advan Barça Tab 7

barça tab

The second model is a seven-inch tablet, with a 1.7GHz Octacore MediaTek processor, an IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 1GB of RAM, the same camera and also Android 4.4.2 KitKat. This small tablet also has a measured price of about € 135, slightly higher than the smartphone but without approaching € 200 where we will find more competition.

Own smartphones and tablets

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<p>In addition to Advan Barça 5 and 7, the Indonesian manufacturer has a whole series of products. From classic smartphones, to some models that do dare with higher specifications, FullHD screens and more powerful OctaCore processors. The incorporation of KitKat is mandatory at the end of 2014, but there are still companies that sell models without carrying it.</p>
<p>As we see in the list of available models, Advan is characterized by a fairly classic design that reminds us of Samsung, plastic, rounded edges and camera in the center. Of course, always with reduced prices to cover as much as possible.</p>
<h2>Football and technology: Promote yourself through a bigger brand</h2>
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