Additional modules MobileFirst. Mobile device management

Additional modules MobileFirst. Mobile device management

Additional modules

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MobileFirst has a suite of additional modules. These can be purchased as a functional complement of MobileFirst Protect Management Suite:

  • MobileFirst Protect Productivity Suite

MobileFirst Protect Secure Mail offers a separate and secure office productivity application so users can access and manage email, calendar and contacts.

MobileFirst Protect Browser is a full-featured web browser to allow secure access to corporate intranet sites.

MobileFirst Protect Application Security offers additional protection of personal data for business applications.

  • MobileFirst Protect Gateway Suite for Apps

MobileFirst Protect Gateway for Apps offers users outside the company network secure and transparent access to the internal resources of the application.

MobileFirst Protect Gateway for Documents, organizations can use MobileFirst Protect Content to also offer direct and secure access to internal sites to devices outside the company's network. The use of MobileFirst Protect Gateway for Documents also requires the acquisition of MobileFirst Protect Content.

MobileFirst Protect Gateway for Browser allows supported devices to access approved internal websites without requiring a full-device VPN connection.

  • MobileFirst Protect Content Suite

MobileFirst Protect Content allows the administrator to add and distribute documents to compatible devices managed by MobileFirst Protect Devices.

MobileFirst Protect Document Editor is a powerful suite of products that allows users to work with business documents on the go.

MobileFirst Protect Document Sync provides users with the ability to easily and securely synchronize user content through managed mobile devices.

  • MobileFirst Protect Threat Management

MobileFirst Protect Threat Management provides enhanced mobile security with mobile malware detection and advanced jailbreaking / rooting detection, Customer may configure and manage compliance policies in relation to detected malware and other security vulnerabilities.

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