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A simple trick to equalize your music on Spotify

I dare to put my hand in the fire that most users use their smartphone to listen to music, radio or podcast. And many of them use Spotify to enjoy our favorite themes. For all of you, I want you to know that it may sound better than it does. Here we are going to see a simple trick to equalize the music we hear on Spotify.

Those who have been using Spotify for a long time, either for free or as a premium, may have missed this detail. Without much hype and saucer option to equalize the music in Spotify is already inclined at the beginning of 2016. The problem is that not all smartphones have a serial equalizer but we will see how to solve it quickly.

Spotify Music
Install on Google Play

Equalizer for Spotify

For many Android smartphones the option to equalize in Spotify is hidden. This is because the Spotify application itself does not include an equalizer, but instead redirects this equalization instruction to the application that we have installed.

For those smartphones that include an equalizer as standard, there is no problem, the option appears automatically in the settings. But for those who do not appear tennis you install another application to equalize.

In the Google Play Store there are a good number of applications for this but not all of them are compatible with Spotify. Here you have a pair that we have tried and the few work.

Precise Volume (+ EQ / Booster)
Install on Google Play

Equalizer FX. Pro
Install on Google Play

Once the Precise Volume application (+ EQ / Booster) is installed, we must activate some settings to make it compatible with Spotify. First you have to activate the equalizer. Now tap on the options and check the option of 'Compatibility Mode'. With this we are ready to use the equalizer for Spotify.

AndroiPIT precise volume equalizer
Activate compatibility mode for use with Spotify / AndroidPIT

For root users we have a highly recommended application to equalize the sound: Viper4droid. As we have said it is only for rooted terminals and gives us absolute control over all the audio outputs of the device. Here you can check the official ViPER4Android FX thread on XDA. You can also download the application from its official website, where a version for Windows is also available. Notice: The apps you find on Google Play with the same name (Viper4droid) are usually fraudulent.

Equalize Spotify to your liking

If you have never configured your equalizer because you have not seen it necessary or you do not feel like browsing through the settings of the default music application of your terminal, then it is likely that until now the music of Spotify will sound less lively than you would like.

To equalize the music in Spotify you just have to do the following:

  • Touch down on 'Your library'
  • Open the application settings by tapping on the gear at the top right
  • Go down the options a bit and press the option of 'Equalizer'
AndroiPIT equalizer spotify
Three touches to open the equalizer. / AndroidPIT

Most of the equalizers are simple and bring 5 bands (such as the application of the screenshots above), while others choose 6, 7 or 10, it depends on what the developers have included in the application (Viper4droid FX has 10, for example). The more bands the equalizer has, we can better customize the sound.

To raise the bass up the bands that are more to the left, those that have less Hz. If you want to boost the treble you should raise the bands of more to the right with a higher number of Hz (kHz). You can also try the default equalization profiles according to the type of music.

Do you know this simple trick? What application do you use to equalize Spotify? Share it in the comments.

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