OneBit Adventure

A good dungeon crawler in Pixel art with OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure is a new and important arrival to the Google Play Store which is characterized by its pixel art and putting on a tray a succulent dish for those fans of the most “RPGniana” food possible.

If you have played Pixel Dungeon and you have loved it, the next one is this new title that as indicated by its developer, nothing more than it is the beginning of everything that is to come. Choose from a good variety of classes with their unique abilities to face an experience of dungeons without comparison.

An exquisite dungeon crawler for your mobile

As we are hungry for play with nothing more than starting the game and see that Galactic Slice has been cured enough to have us hooked for weeks. From a very appropriate pixel art, we will begin the game with a new hero that we will create among the different classes that we have at our disposal.

Onebit Adventure

We have five classes: warrior, wizard, necromancer, blood knight and fire mage. Each with their own skills that we must know how to handle in order to focus on the one that best suits us for our own style of play. You know, that of casting spells from afar or going straight for the enemy in our breastplate and a sword in hand.


With 5 classes to choose from at the beginning is more than enough to be able to enjoy the dungeons that will be randomly generated in a vertical displacement. A point will be added every time we climb up to know what position we are in. So we will explore some dungeons with a variety of enemies, treasures and secrets to discover.

A surprise game called OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure puts at our disposal the ability to think well our next move. And is that every time we move or attack with our hero, the rest of the enemies will do the same. That is, they will not be at their free will, but rather it is like in Pixel Dungeon in which if you do not move, they do not move.

Onebit Adventure

We will have the possibility of collect all gold coins (as if it were the mythical Pac Man) and the option of not leaving any of our enemies alive. If we kill them, more experience. And with more experience, we will level up to use the points in our statistics.

We will also find campfires to rest, merchants to buy and another series of characters to even make crafts and improve our potions of life. Come on nothing has been left in the inkwell in a dungeon RPG that is left to discover so that our desire continues to increase and we become infatuated with OneBit Adventure.

What is to come

The same developer has made it very clear in his game that new batch content will arrive. A new dungeon, more weapons and armor, new items, new bosses and what would be an iOS version. Yes, At the moment it is only on Android, so it’s already taking time to vitiate this dungeon RPG.

Onebit Adventure

Technically it is not lacking anything. Has a soundtrack type of the games of yesteryear very old, high quality pixel art graphics and well detailed enemies and surroundings. It lacks perhaps more atmosphere, but making clear its spaces for visual development and where it moves, it is more than well worked and designed.

You have it from now for free in the Play Store for you to enjoy OneBit Adventure and so you know an RPG that takes the legacy left by Pixel Dungeon on Android. If you are a fan of RPGs where you can play quietly without stress and with patience, it is a game made for you. A great arrival to the Android game store. So it takes you long to install it.