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419 million telephone numbers of Facebook users exposed on the Internet

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  • Other data of the users of the social network have also been filtered, such as the ID, name and location according to the country

A new case of security problems and data filtering in Facebook just unveiled. It has been the specialized publication TechCrunch the one that has made known the case of the 419 million telephone numbers that Facebook users who were exposed on an online server without a password.

The phone numbers linked to the accounts are from users of countries such as the United States (133 million users), Vietnam (50 million users) or the United Kingdom (18 million users) according to media information.

By not having a password to preserve security, anyone could access this data, among which were also the Facebook ID and in certain cases the user's name, gender and location.

The discovery

The security researcher, belonging to the GDI Foundation, Sanyam Jain, was the one who discovered this unprotected database that had been created by a company outside the social network. According to TechCrunch, it was removed from the Internet after the publication notified the company that hosted the problem data they had.

For his part, Jay Nancarrow, spokesman for Facebook told the specialized media that: “This data set is old and it seems that the information obtained is from before we made changes last year to eliminate people's ability to find others using their phone numbers. ”

Likewise, the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that the data that was exposed has been deleted and that they have no information that there are users affected by this leak, until the moment the note is published.

After the case of Cambridge Analytica, it was the scandal that set off alarms about the security problems of Facebook users and after which, information about new situations seems to happen with some frequency since then.


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