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3 functions of your smartphone that you should start using

There are endless applications available in the Play Store, but some of the most useful functions are active on your smartphone by default. We show you three functions that are preinstalled on your Android smartphone and that will make your life much easier.

1. Use the Chrome data economizer

If you use Chrome as your default browser and are worried about reaching the data limit set by your operator and then receiving a much slower navigation signal, you can activate the data saver that comes in Chrome. To do this, go to the application settings and choose 'Data Saver', then you can activate this function and measure the percentage of data you have saved thanks to it.

chrome data economizer
Save data when browsing. / AndroidPIT

2. Access the WiFi signal without entering the password

Does it bother you to have to write on paper the endless password of your WiFi signal every time friends arrive home? There is a button on the back of the router that saves you this hassle. Sometimes called 'Sign', sometimes 'WPS / Reset' or sometimes it appears simply as an icon with two arrows. This is a simple method of authentication that allows you to access the WiFi if you press this button simultaneously and the corresponding one on your phone, which is in Settings> WiFi> Advanced> Connect via WPS.

WPS wifi
The easiest way to connect your phone to the WiFi signal. / AndroidPIT

3. Activate the guest mode on your phone

The arrival of Android Lollipop brought a particularly useful mode if we lend the phone to someone: the guest mode. This mode is also available on other smartphones before Lollipop, such as the LG G2. If we do not want the person who is using our smartphone temporarily to have access to our email, WhatsApp or call log, we can access Settings> Users> Add user to add a new guest profile.

guest user lollipop
A very useful function for shared terminals. / AndroidPIT

Do you know any other useful function? Feel free to share it!

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