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You can now schedule messages on Telegram: this is done

new Telegram update

We love Telegram. And not only because we have a fantastic channel with more than 40,000 members. For objective reasons, the Russian messenger app is the best possible alternative to WhatsApp. And we say alternative, because although Telegram does not stop winning users, for now WhatsApp stay hegemnic (Do not insist, your acquaintances will not go to Telegram for good).

Returning to our obsessive relationship, and not at all toxic, with Telegram, one of the reasons why you have us in love It is for its ability to update and add improvements and features. Next to the Russian app, the leaks and rumors with droppers from WABetaInfo are of laughter.

Message programming and reminders arrive on Telegram

For this batch of improvements, Telegram has taken the heavy artillery, adding all that what WhatsApp does not reach. For example, WhatsApp needs an external app to schedule messages as Telegram arrives and includes it natively. Overnight, Telegram has added a small men to appear when you press and hold the send button. In it, you simply have to select the desired date In the drop-down that appears and the app will do the rest for you: send the message when you indicate.

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On the other hand, if you use this same option in the Saved Messages (Saved Messages), what it will do is create a reminder. That is, the app will send the message indicated to you, but notify you as a reminder instead of as a conventional message.

Create new themes with any color

Unlike WhatsApp, which requires external apps To change the color of the application, Telegram has always opted for an easy and accessible personalization of its interface. With this update, the messaging app has added a color picker special with which you can create unique themes.

Based on that selection and as Telegram is in your official blog you can create your own themes, always around your wallpapers and the colors you have chosen. And best of all, is that once the theme is created, you can share it easily with who you want. The thing does not end here: if you edit the theme, everyone who has it installed receive that same issue.

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New animated emojis

This summer we already commented on the arrival of animated stickers to Telegram as well as the first animations of some emojis, which work without the need to have a sticker pack installed. Well, as of today, Telegram has added to the list of animated emojis, until 6 new additions: When you send or receive one of these emojis, you see that they have a special animation.

Animated heart emoji on Telegram

Substantial improvements in privacy settings

Finally, for this update, Telegram has polished some aspects related to the Privacy, something with which they have always been very committed. From now on, the so-called “sper-groups” can be public (if so indicated) and house up to 200,000 members each. Finally, Telegram now allows you to adjust Who can see or not our phone number, a particularly useful function if we are suspicious of our privacy.

The update is available from this moment for both iOS as for Android. If you haven't done it yet, give Telegram a chance And you tell us.

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