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we tested the renewed version of the folding smartphone

Samsung has presented at the IFA 2019 its improved Galaxy Fold, which is not another version different from the one presented in February, but a review of the then shown to solve those problems that caused that it could not go on the market at first. This gives the first folding of the market, today, a special aura and a certain intrigue about finally being its behavior in the market and if, indeed, the problems have finally been eradicated.

In Hypertext, which we could already test last April in a private demonstration, we were able to be again a few minutes this Thursday with what is the most spoiled terminal of the South Korean firm and see first-hand the mentioned changes made in the terminal .

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The verdict, in a nutshell, is that nothing changes much compared to what has already been seen then, at least from the outward appearance. This is a good thing, since it evidences that the version we tested at that time was not a complete disaster in general terms, despite the mentioned failures in the hinge and the protection of the screen. A 4.6-inch exterior screen, a large 7.3 "deployed panel, six cameras distributed in the different areas of your body, a line that is still noticeable, both in sight and touch, splitting the latter for its part Vertical average and a promise: bring the latest in innovation to the users.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

If we take a close look at the device we can see, indeed, that the edges of the screen protection have extended to prevent the film that covers it from being visible and cannot be easily removed, which irreparably damaged the device. In addition, the finishes and finishes in the hinge areas are also perceived as somewhat more polished.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

From Samsung they say that they have also perfected the software to add more tools to those already available and to get more out of the big screen and features of the terminal. How could it be otherwise, in all the markets in which it will be launched soon arrive with the ability to connect to the emerging 5G networks.

The presence of Samsung Galaxy Fold It still has a cloud of skepticism and risk in the face of possible new failures and a poor reception after seeing its damaged image after the first launch threat. With a little luck, however, be different this time.

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