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We love that games like Stranger Things 3 are released on Android

Stranger Things 3 has arrived today to Android to become the third title from the popular mobile TV series that takes us to the town of Hawkins with its mysteries and those endearing characters.

A very pixelated title and in which not missing that reminiscences at 80, not only for everything that is the series, but to those fighting games like Double Dragon. That is to say, that you are going to get thin to drop punches and kicks with the most famous characters in the series.

A premium title for 5 hours and a half of fun

If we already have a first title called Stranger Things and that recreates the first adventures of the TV series, with a 2D of real madness with its pixel art (there will even be an augmented reality game), with Stranger Things 3 we have a whole eighty experience so much for what is the series as is those nostalgic moments to the games of that decade; especially late.


Now we have before us an isometric view instead of that 2D almost from top view, and what would be a gameplay more oriented to fighting games that filled recreational rooms in the late 80s and early 90s.


And the truth that hits the mark to lead us before a whole combat game experience of the best we can find in the visual category of pixel art; Fury Survivor: Pixel Z also stands out for that.

All premium for Stranger Things 3

Go preparing 5.49 euros for a whole premium title that has neither micropayments nor advertising within the game. I mean, what you see is everything to you. If we compare it to the price it has on Steam for PC, it is 1/4 part cheaper, so if you have a mobile phone made for gaming, it is already taking time to acquire it.

TV series

Among its virtues we can talk about Supports the most popular USB control knobs for Android. Also even local multiplayer and that puts the icing to enjoy with a colleague of games on the screen of our mobile with two control knobs. This gives it its special point to release punches and punches left and right.


Another important fact, the game is full of spoilers, so if you have not yet seen the third season of Stranger Things, we recommend you wait until you can see it so you can get into the history that BonusXP brings you, the study responsible for the publication and development of this game.

Like the tv series

What we also like very much about this release is that it is true to the series. That is those riddles and mysteries that surround the Hawkins people and those endearing characters are more than present. From that Steve with his gun in hand to Hopper will be some of the protagonists of the adventures that await us to find out what is happening again in this mysterious town.

Stranger Things 3

Technically it is an ode to those 80's fighting games and for those of you who have ever gone through its gameplay, it is going to be more than comforting to find you an isometric view that allows us to fight in four directions to hit all who come to us. The environments are perfectly designed to create the perfect setting and recreate them from the town of Hawkins. The same goes for the protagonists of the series that quickly remind us of those very particular moments of the TV series that is cast on Netflix and where you have all its chapters.

I said, a Stranger Things 3 that brings us the best of the TV series and the memory of those eighties games with a simply wonderful pixel art. If you have a few euros left over and you want a premium game without advertising and micropayments, you are already taking time to go to the Play Store and catch it.

Editor's Opinion

Stranger Things 3

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating


  • The essence of the series is captured
  • That is of fight to give mamporros
  • Premium

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