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Use your iPhone or iPad as a teleprnter thanks to Pages and improve Podcast, YouTube Videos or Vlogs

If you have reached this article it is because you're crazy looking to turn your iPad or iPhone into a teleprnter to help you podcast, vlogs or just as support for your YouTube channel. If you don't know what a teleprnter It is a device that shows us the text of a previously written news, tutorial or script that, once placed in front of the user (presenter, interlocutor, etc.), helps you follow the text fluently to read comfortably.

As you can imagine, in many cases it is an indispensable tool to carry a fluent and talkative speech when recording videos or podcasts. A tool that helps us keep track of what we are talking about, with ideas, real data, gags, etc. Such is the usefulness of teleprnter what There are several payment applications available within the App Store that give our iPhone and iPad this function. But what can we use for free if we have the Apple Pages application installed … We explain how!


How to use your iPhone or iPad as a teleprnter using Apple Pages

Time required:1 minute.

Next we will see the steps to turn our iPhone or iPad into an external teleprnter or monitor where to read while recording Podcast, Vlogs or YouTube videos.

  1. We open the Pages application.

    We write the text we want to appear. Something like our personal script with data, phrases, ideas, etc.

  2. Click on the action menu.

    Once finished click on the icon of three points (top right), to see more available actions.

  3. We section the "Presenter Mode"

    When you select this mode, the iPad screen will turn black and start scrolling the text.

Following these simple steps and thanks to the Apple Pages application, We will have a basic tool for the realization of videos and / or Podcast on our iPhone or iPad. You will see how from now on you will improve the videos you publish on your social networks and you will not forget anything.

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