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The Xiaomi Hercules be a high end and these are some features

Redmi is hogging all the news about the company's high-end terminals since the Mi 9 was announced relatively recently and now it is this sub-brand that is expected to announce its first flagship shortly.

But Redmi K20 Pro (This is expected to be called the Redmi terminal) will not be the only one of Xiaomi with a Snapdragon 855 that will be shown soon and there are already rumors of a new flagship of the company.

Are we facing the Mi MIX 4?

The filtered mobile has as a codename Xiaomi Hercules, a name that, of course, will change when it is announced. And what will be the denomination? Well, it seems we could be before the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, the heir of the family of terminals with great design of Xiaomi.

This terminal will have a Snapdragon 855 as a processor, you will implement three cameras in the rear and one in the front. It would be expected that the three rear cameras will be the same as the Mi 9 and that the front one will be implemented in a mechanical system, making it possible to ignore the Mi MIX 3 slider and the Mi MIX and Mi MIX 2 lower chin.

In addition, this mobile would have wireless charging, something that Xiaomi for now only grants to its first swords, like the Mi 9. And it will also feature NFC, and this again points to a high range.

The fingerprint sensor would be under the screen, so we will assume that this will be OLED, although it has already begun to talk about LCD panels that allow you to put the fingerprint sensor under the screen.

Xiaomi already launched a first teaser of the Mi MIX 4 although no distinctive feature was visible. So, unless we see some more special benefit, those filtered so far would not justify a price increase in this model, something that we assume will be seen since the brand already said that the Mi 9 would be its last look for cheap badge.

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