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the new PowerToys are now available on GitHub

During the last Build 2019, Microsoft conference aimed at developers, the company announced a series of interesting developments that include from a new terminal for Windows 10, to the release of the code of your calculator, and in addition they also announced the surprising resurrection of the legendary Powertoys.

Famous in the era of Windows 95, these utilities that allow you to do things like play with internal Windows elements or use undocumented system features, are now available again and you can install them on Windows 10.

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Not only that, but with the release of the source code Doors open for developers to create new "toys" that we can use in the current versions of Windows.

The Windows Calculator that is recently open source, is now available for iOS, Android and even the web

FancyZones and Shorcut Guide

With this initial release it is important to note that the PowerToys are still in preliminary version. Initially we will only have two utilities, their names are FancyZones and Shorcut Guide, and both offer us a very good idea of ​​the things these tools can do.

FancyZones serves to create custom grids to better organize your windows and being more productive, it's like Windows Snap on steroids, that is, it offers you many more options to adjust your windows to a predetermined space on the desktop.

Shortcut Guide is another one that looks great, especially for those of us who have a bad memory and can't remember all the Windows keyboard shortcuts.

The way it works is simple: pressing the Windows key for about two seconds we will see a list with a wide variety of shortcuts of keyboard that we can use to carry out fast actions.


Best of all, in the same PowerToys configuration window you can directly access a video tutorial that shows you the toy in action, so you will find it easier to learn to use it and configure it to your liking.

Of course, these utilities have not been translated yet, so they are only available in English. You can download the first preliminary version from GitHub, the files include both installers and packages with the source code.

Goes | Microsoft Insider

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