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The Google Play Store begin at the end of the month to play videos automatically

Google Play Store

Automatic video playback on any social network or platform has always been one of the aspects that many users choose to disable, since they involve a large amount of data. Obviously, if our data rate is loose, we will not have any problem with this function, a function that will arrive soon to the Play Store.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … are some of the social networks that play videos automatically when we reach the publication that contains it. In a few weeks, probably later this month, the Play Store It will automatically start playing the videos of the applications that contain it.

Google Play Store

The boys of XDA Developers have had access to a support website of the Play Store, where they have started the tests to add the automatic playback of videos during the month of September. Promotional videos of applications available on YouTube and found in many applications, They will start playing automatically when the application is visited.

On that support page, Google does not detail when the application's video will start playing, nor does it inform whether it will be silent or if this function it can be deactivated if we use mobile data, although it is most likely.

In recent weeks, Google is pushing developers to include promotional videos in your applications, videos that must have monetization on YouTube disabled and also do not infringe copyright under any circumstances.

The reason for deactivating monetization is to prevent ads from confusing users and prevent an ad from showing instead of the video in question when the application details are visited. Ads for these videos must be deactivated before November 1st.

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