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new wireless headphones for athletes

Since everyone seems to be making wireless headphones for active lifestyles these days, why would a brand dedicated to sports like Adidas stay behind? The new audio line of the company announced to coincide in the IFA This year in Berlin seeks to rectify that situation.

Adidas Headphones is an association between Adidas and Zound Industries, and its first products are two wireless headphones aimed directly at athletes and to all who feel a connection to the world of sports. The FWD-01 It is a pair of wireless headphones that go around the neck and will have a price of 149 euros and the RPT-01 It is a classic wireless set that will be worth 169 euros.

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Exclusive design

Both headphones were co-designed by athletes according to Adidas, becoming very similar to the shoes of the same brand, the Adidas Yeezy giving it a very sporty and unique touch. While the FWD-01 wireless headphones resemble many similar models on the market, except for a connection cable that features a woven material that covers the cables, it is the RPT-01 in-ear that are especially notable. Finding headphones designed to train is a rarity. Many people use their on-ears in the gym, which only in some exceptions, are generally not sweat resistant. RPT-01, on the other hand, have a classification IPX4, so they will easily resist the kind of moisture that intense training can create. Both their ear pads and the headband lining are removable and washable, which means that when they start to smell bad, you can do something about it.


Beyond its ability to handle strenuous activity, the RPT-01 offers excellent battery life in 40 hours and can be charged quickly via USB-C. The headband is very flexible, which will help carry them everywhere in your gym bag.

The FWD-01 has 16 hours of uptime They are packaged with a variety of pads to help get a good fit, and have the same classification of impermeability than the RPT-01. Both models use Bluetooth 5.0, but Adidas has not disclosed what Bluetooth cdecs are compatible. A free complementary application gives you some customization options, but again, there are still no details on what type of customization is possible. Both models support telephone functions such as receiving calls, but the possibility of accessing voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa has not been mentioned, which is something that now offers a growing number of headphones and headphones ready to exercise.

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