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Posted 2016-05-10 by Marketing & Filed in News.

Webinar Maas360.

The number of mobile devices we use is increasing and we need to be connected to face the day at work and in everyday life. Mobile devices have been advancing and improving their characteristics until they revolutionize the way they work and communicate in companies. Therefore the importance of managing in the most appropriate way all mobile devices used in your organization.

On May 19 we invite you to our Maas360 Webinar. Our speaker is Jorge Gil (Sales Brand Specialist at IBM), a specialist in this IBM service with a broad view of the market to present the best solution in mobile device management, in which we will show the mobility strategy of IBM, the portal of Maas360 and we will test the portal by registering the first device. Solve your mobile device management problems by registering here in our MaaS360 webinar.

With this solution you will be able to control and protect all mobile devices, those of employees and corporate ones, in order to increase the productivity and satisfaction of workers. It is the best offer in the market for various reasons such as:

  • You only pay for what you use by reducing the time and cost of technical assistance.
  • Improve the administration and performance of applications obtaining greater agility in data management.
  • Obtain secure access at any time and place from all corporate resources in addition to preventing future data leaks.

With this solution you don't have to change the way you work, it easily integrates with all your existing infrastructure, provides a proven management of cloud-based mobility and ensures better business continuity.

We encourage you to sign up, you can't miss it!

Maas360 Webinar

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