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How to solve the ghost, shadow, burned or burn-in effect on your screen

Effect burn-in, burnt effect or phantom screen, is the name given to a permanent or lasting discoloration of the screen of a smartphone caused by the irregular use of pixels. Prolonged use of still images can create a shadow on the screen, so that a shadow of that image always appears. In this article we will see how you can solve this annoying problem.

What is the burned effect or burn-in?

The phantom screen was on everyone's lips again after some Pixel 2 XL presented this known problem. It happens when the points of light that produce the images on the screen lose intensity due to prolonged use. In addition, irregular use (having only a part of the screen illuminated for a long time) can "burn" that image on the screen, so that it remains always visible.

This problem is common and mostly affects OLED screens (although LCD screens are not free from this setback). The smartphone models that bring the navigation buttons on the screen are often victims of this failure.

Fortunately there are solutions to restore the image quality on your device, especially thanks to an application.

Fix the burned effect or burn-in

Prevent rather than cure

The problem of the burning effect appears when we have the same still image during a lake period of time. So one of the best ways to avoid it is to prevent that. For this we have three basic tips to take care of your screen against the effect burn-in:

  • Set the automatic screen shutdown to one minute or less.
  • Activate automatic brightness.
  • If the screen has advanced settings, do not saturate the colors to the fullest.

Fulscrn Free

Through this application you can restore the image quality of your smartphone. The Fulscrn Free principle is simple: a sequence of primary colors is displayed across the surface of your device's screen, so that those "burned" pixels are restored. This was, in fact, the main function of the screensavers of computers: a dynamic image that appears when the screen has been idle for some time, so that the pixels do not stay on all the time in the same area.

Fulscrn Free
Install on Google Play

Have you suffered any burning or ghost effect? Do you know any other way to fix it?

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