Google Assistant

How to mute the voice of Google Assistant on the phone

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an essential application on current Android phones. Although there are times when we may not want to use it. Therefore, the company has introduced a function that allows us to silence the assistant temporarily. A good way to prevent him from speaking, in situations where he may not be so comfortable for us.

This function assumes that increase the personalization options of Google Assistant. We can already have you speak more languages ​​or call us with a specific name. Now, we can choose when we want to silence it on our phone. We show you the steps to follow.

First we will have to Open Google Assistant on our Android phone. We do this by pressing the Home button for several seconds, until it appears on the screen. Then we open the wizard in a new window and then click on our profile picture, which is usually shown in the upper right part of the screen.

Google Assistant voice

On the next screen we find several tabs. The one that interests us in this case is the assistant, on which we will press then and then on the phone. Next we enter the Voice section and there we have to look for the option called Voice output.

When we click on this option we will see that we get a couple of options. As we want to silence Google Assistant in this case, the one we have to select is the hands-free only. So that the assistant does not emit sound, he will not be able to speak, for as long as this option is activated on the phone.

The moment we want to change this, We repeat these steps. So that we make Google Assistant will have a new voice and run on Android normally. So whenever we want to silence it, it is something simple to achieve by following these steps.

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