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How to Create HTML Mail Signatures on your iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, chances are you have all your email accounts set up on your device. Not only can you create multiple email signatures for each account, you can also add HTML links as links to a website or an email address. This is a great way to give people electronic access to the contents that matter most.

You don't know how? Keep reading and we will help you.

Most people already have links to their website and their email address in the signatures configured in their desktop applications. In fact, there is a very simple way to transfer your signatures directly to the iPhone and iPad.

one. Send yourself an email from your computer where you have already created the HTML signature.

two. Open the mail on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Press and hold on the signature to bring up the selection tool. Move the ends to select the entire signature.

4. Click on Copy.

5. Now use the Home button to return to the main screen.

6. Go to Settings.

7. Go to Mail, contacts, calendar.

8. Down to "Firm".

9. Find the name of the account in which you want to change the signature and in the box leave pressed and select Paste.

10. You will have the new signature with HTML.

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