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HearthStone is updated thinking about new players

Online card games have become very popular in recent years and the best example of this is HearthStone, Blizzard's proposal inspired by the world of Warcraft.

But creating an interesting game is not the most difficult, the really complex thing is to make millions of people want to play it, and that this interest does not diminish over time.

At the beginning of the game that was easier given that the amount of cards and the experience of the rest of the opponents was similar, but over the years a step is created too large. That is why Blizzard has decided to modify some key aspects of HearthStone.

New ranges for new users

So far all players, new and old, had 25 ranks to play based on their level, from the chicken range to the legend rank.

From next month, nothing more than 25 new ranges are introduced, from 50 to 26, which will only be available for new accounts, whether from experienced players or from people who arrive for the first time. Of course, current players who create new accounts, for example on a different server than usual, can skip those 25 ranks.

In those positions there will be special rewards to encourage players to progress in the game.

New classic cards

For the first time in HearthStone the set of classic cards, which do not change every year from standard to wild mode, has new additions.

The reason is that in the Hall of Fame there were some classes with fewer cards than others, so Blizzard has corrected it with four new ones. The four are spells, two of magician, one of rogue and another of sorcerer.

For now there will be no tournament mode

One of the bad news is that the tournament mode, which the company announced last year, has been stopped. They say they are not happy with the development and stop it at the moment. We do not know if in the future it will resume.

New welcome pack

To celebrate these modifications there will be a welcome pack with 10 classic envelopes and a legendary gift. In this case it will not be one of class but one of the legendary dragons.

The price is unknown but hopefully they are the same 4.99 as in the previous pack.

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