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7 tips on what to do when your mobile is stolen or lost

Losing a cell phone is not funny to anyone, and even less they steal it. It is not a pleasant experience not only because of the high price you have surely paid for it, but also because we store all our personal information in it.

In the smartphones, we keep all our contacts and the photos and videos of our last vacation. We also use them to access our email accounts, banking on-line and social networks.

That is why it is essential to take certain preventive measures prior to theft or loss, but also other protective measures once such an unfortunate incident has occurred.

Although many of the tips we present below can be applied whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, we recommend Apple users to also check our guide to locate a lost or stolen iPhone.

Tip 1. Prevent theft or loss of your mobile with prevention measures

Luckily, thieves will always find a way to steal and the ability to get rid of some knows no limits, but even so it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is therefore convenient to follow the advice that we present below.

Don't leave the phone in sight. When you go down the street or are in a public space, avoid having your cell phone in your hand or store it in the back pocket of your pants. We recommend hiding it in a safe place that is difficult to access.

In addition, avoid at all costs consulting important information in public, as this could encourage thieves to steal your device and not someone else's. As a general rule, use your smartphone as little as possible in places with many people.

Activate the Find my device feature. There are several applications to know where your mobile phone is at all times, but the best option is still to use the built-in Android function, similar to Find my Apple iPhone.

To do this, you should address the Settings of your mobile and touch on Google, followed by the options of Security Y Find my device. Activate the switch at the top to be able to locate it remotely and protect your data if you lose it.

Protect your mobile with a password. Although there are ways to access the data of a phone without knowing the lock code, you will always make it more difficult to the thief if you set one. We suggest using fingerprint or facial recognition technology.

Take advantage of the anti-theft functions of antivirus. The best antivirus for Android, as Bitdefender or Kaspersky, usually include an anti-theft system, such as the activation of the front chamber to know what the thief is.

Keep your mobile IMEI code on hand. The serial number of your phone will be very useful both to report the theft and for your operator to cancel the SIM card. You will find it in the original packaging or by calling * # 06 #.

Make backup copies of your data. To not regret the loss of data, we strongly suggest that you regularly create backup copies of all your contacts, photos and videos. With Android phones, you can use your Google account.

Encrypt content saved on your mobile. Another way to protect your data is to activate the option to Encryption on your device that you will find in the section of Security of yours Settings. It also has the risk that you cannot access your own information.

Take out mobile insurance. You should consider securing your device with one of the plans that mobile sales companies have as Fnac, Media Markt or Phone House. The main operators also usually offer this service.

Tip 2. Search for the lost or stolen phone using the Find my device feature

If before having lost your mobile you had followed the advice indicated in the previous section, you can easily know where your smartphone With the function Find my device, or any other location app you use.

To be able to use it, you must open the Google search engine on your computer, log in to your Google account and search where my phone is with the search bar. You can make it sound or write a message on the screen for whoever finds it.

You can also see the current location of your mobile. We do not recommend, however, to be brave and visit the site that marks the map, since there are known cases of people who have ended up even losing their lives by following the trail of their phone.

On the other hand, if by bad luck you do not have this function activated, you should use the old trick to call your number with a borrowed cell phone and wait for you to hear it or for someone in good faith to get to the other side of the phone and help you retrieve it

Tip 3. Cancel the SIM card and ask for a duplicate

By losing your smartphone, you not only lose the device and all the data stored in it, but also the SIM card that you usually use to make calls, send text messages or connect to the Internet.

This is why one of the first steps to follow is to call your operator to block the SIM card of the lost or stolen phone, and so it becomes unusable and nobody can spend neither your money nor your data. Take advantage also to request a duplicate.

Tip 4. Change the passwords of all your accounts

It is also important that you protect all your email accounts, banking on-line, social networks, messaging platforms, and less urgently, video games that you had open on your mobile before losing it.

To do this, you will need to change the passwords you have set for each one. Do it only once you have canceled your SIM card because some services send an SMS verification key.

At this point, we recommend two more practices to consider before someone steals your mobile: use a password manager and choose a new hard-to-guess code, combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

Tip 5. Report the theft or loss of your phone to the police

Once the protection of your phone's data is guaranteed, it is time for you to recover the IMEI code corresponding to your smartphone and report the loss or theft to the police. They may also ask you for the invoice to verify that you are their owner.

Although, unfortunately, there are few cases of recovery of a lost or stolen mobile, it costs nothing to try. In addition, you will need to have filed a formal complaint in order to completely block the device.

We also advise to have a lot of cure when writing what happened in the complaint, since this will be key to being able to claim your insurance company, in case you have one hired, and get them to send you a replacement.

Tip 6. Disable your phone and erase all data

With the complaint and the IMEI code in hand, you can contact your operator again to block your device. Follow this step only if you are convinced that you will not recover it, since it can no longer be used with a Spanish SIM card.

On the other hand, if you have already lost all hope of finding the mobile or if you have an updated backup, it may be a good idea to permanently erase the data of your old mobile. It can also be done easily with the Find my device function.

Keep in mind that, by deleting all the information and files from your lost phone, you will no longer be able to track the location of the device. Google also warns that it is not able to erase all data from your Android memory cards.

Tip 7. Contact your life or home insurance

Finally, those who have contracted a life or home insurance, also have the possibility to call their insurer and consult the conditions of the policy to know if this covers them or not the theft or loss of their smartphone.

Although this requires a long bureaucratic process, in which you must file the complaint previously filed at comisara, we suggest that you fight to at least economically repair the loss.


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