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With Devolo WiFi Outdoor you will have a good seal in the garden of your home

Devolo revolutionize with your technology WiFi Outdoor which allows you to navigate beyond the interior of your house. Be it the garden party, the barbecue with friends on the terrace, or sit down to have a wine on the balcony of your home, we always want to share our experiences either on social networks or by sending photos to our friends. Well, the problem with that is the connectivity that we have just outside our house since the router is usually quite remote, the WiFi is going pretty badly.

WiFi Outdoor solves these problems of connection bringing to the market a device that allows you to connect to the Internet without having to return inside your home every time you want to upload a photo or reply to a message.

Devolo is one of the leading brands in the sector specialized in local networks, connectivity extenders and product creation innovators of communication and data. Its objective is to make the complex world of connection through data simpler for ordinary users. That is why the features of WiFi Outdoor bring to every home the possibility of having a PLC Easy to use and effective.

Resistant to all adversities abroad

This PLC device has a protective layer that takes care of the dirt that we always find outside and thanks to its protection IP65 It is resistant to any adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains or storms. This makes it perfect for outdoor, with the great advantage that it does not need cables to establish the connection.

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Quick and easy installation

The simplicity of your connection makes the installation time fast. Only one adapter is connected Powerline Devolo directly to the router via an Ethernet cable and plug it in normally and finally you can put the Outdoor WiFi anywhere outside your home connected to the plug. So easy, a new point of accessing Wi-Fi is already created.

Effective technical section

The Outdoor WiFi has a WPA / WPA2 encryption and a maximum transfer rate of 300MbpsThe company also offers an extension cable that allows a prolonged signal range of up to 400 meters round.

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Market Price

It has a price of 189.90 euros in stores. Now it is easier and more comfortable to enjoy a WiFi connection in the garden of our house and also rain and dirt proof.