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This simple solitaire game will make you forget Windows

It may now be easy to find someone to play with since we can use online multiplayer services, but more than two decades ago it was not very easy. What did you want to play cards? Either you found a partner or you were misbehaving. Although yes, there was always the option of giving the solitaire.

Beyond the allegories to the sexual field (it is impossible not to read the above thinking about you already know what), solitaire games They are a perfect way to have fun playing cards when there is no one to play with. No wonder they make the jump to computers becoming the main reason to waste time at work: Windows solitaire It's to blame

The most famous solitaire, that of Windows, found his way long ago to Android phones. It is a good recommendation, but today we will make another equally good one: Flipflop Solitaire. He seems the loner of a lifetime. Until you play it: the app changes a couple of rules completely altering the gameplay.

Place the cards following the numbering, both descending and ascending

As soon as you start, and after deciding whether or not you want to share the data with the developers (in principle you eliminate advertising if you refuse), Flipflop Solitaire it raises a bare board in which the cards will fall. Rows with the cards covered, a card at the end discovered and a deck with which you can complete the solitaire depending on the cards you get.

So far it is about the same as Windows solitaire (and almost like any other). At least until you look at the card placement rules: they can go in descending or ascending order. This amplifies the possibilities since it allows you to solve a large part of the occasions in which there are no more cards left to put: simply change the numbering order and you can follow the game.


Apart from the board, the top rows and stacks of cards, Fliflop Solitaire It includes an undo option and two added cards that will help you get out of traffic jams; the design is as simple as the way to play; it involves no difficulty other than learning the new rules; save progress when you leave the game; and distracts for hours thanks to its simplicity and fun. As you try it will hook you.

Try Flipflop Solitaire now, it won't cost you anything

As we said, this game is free. It includes ads and purchases within the application, but they are not a problem.