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The best applications to download on Android tablets

Although Android tablets have never finished reaching the expected popularity, they are a most versatile product. They can be used to study or work, as a good productivity tool. In many cases they are also used by the smallest of the house. They are also a great option to watch multimedia content in them. In short, they provide many options to users.

Although to fully squeeze the potential of these tablets on Android, it is necessary to use some applications. Thanks to them you can take advantage of the functions and possibilities that a tablet offers. Therefore, here are some of the best applications for a tablet. Thus, they will be able to take advantage of these features of the tablets.

Videos, series and movies

One of the most common functions when using Android tablets is to consume multimedia content. Many people make use of these devices to watch series or movies in streaming or to watch any type of content on the web. Therefore, there are many applications that allow you to take advantage of these functions. Although, unfortunately, many applications have not adapted their tablet interface. Without a doubt, something that does not always allow them to be used in the best way. As for streaming platforms, it is always worth comparing to know which one is best for each user.

The good part is that there are many applications that are of great interest to users with Android tablets. Thanks to them it will be possible have access to this type of content on a tablet. From being able to watch videos to have access to the best series or movies of the moment. Also the possibility of watching live programs is something that can be done from a tablet. Therefore, the most prominent in this regard are:


Excellent music player: download the new Poweramp v3

Another of the actions that are carried out most frequently on Android tablets is listening to music. Therefore, applications that give this possibility are needed. Although there are many applications available in the Play Store. While not all of them give the best performance on a tablet. But classic music streaming apps, like Spotify, work without problem. So that it will be possible to listen to music at all times without too much trouble.

Although we must bear in mind that Android tablets are not famous for their good sound. At least not in all cases. Therefore, they may not always be the best option when listening to music. But this will depend on each case and specific model. Since it is possible that there are users who have a tablet that has a good sound. In any case, there are apps for music and sound, which can not be missing. Therefore, the most prominent that can be installed are:


The application for freelancers that helps you in work management

It is one of the most important uses for Android tablets. More and more people they use them to work or study. Therefore, you need applications with which to perform these functions in them. From the use of text editors or office suites, to note applications. Thanks to them it will be possible to use this tablet as a device with which to work or study in a simple way. Although it is essential to be clear about the use you want to make of it.

In this way, it will be much easier to be able to choose the applications that best fit each situation. Luckily, most productivity applications have adapted to the tablet format. So users with Android tablets can install them without problems on their own. Something that will allow them to get the most out of their tablet. Within this category the most prominent are:

As a mail application, Gmail has been chosen in this case. Although the reality is that there are many options available for users with Android tablets. Especially now that Inbox closes its doors, the options to choose are more varied. But, the most used and comfortable for most is usually Gmail. Although it is good to shop around and check which email app is the one that best suits each user, depending on what you are looking for. Since there may be notable differences.

Image and photography

In addition to watching videos or listening to music, You can also view or edit photos on Android tablets. For this, it is necessary to have applications that provide these functions. Above all, when using photo editors it can be interesting. Since having a larger screen, allows better use at all times. Therefore, it can be much easier to edit the photos on a tablet, compared to the smartphone.

So you can not miss photo editing applications on a tablet. As usual, the choice depends on each user. Since there are people who have more knowledge in photo editing. While others simply seek to make some simple touches. Therefore, it is good to be clear about the use you want to make when choosing one. Although all these editors fulfill their mission perfectly. In addition to adapting perfectly to the screen format of Android tablets.


Read ebooks on EPUB without extra applications with Google Docs

Given the screen size of Android tablets, they are a good option to read books. The developers have also seen this, so there are many applications available, which allow this to users. Therefore, for many people they are a good substitute for an e-reader. So it's another way to take advantage of tablets. Especially when traveling, it can be interesting to have applications with which to read books. Since it avoids having to carry a suitcase loaded with books, reducing the weight and the space occupied.

Within this category there are some well known applications. Thanks to them it is possible have access to all kinds of books on a tablet Therefore, they fulfill the task of replacing an e-reader. The final choice depends on the tastes or needs of each of the users. Users who wish to read comics can also do so. Since there are some apps for it available in the Play Store.