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Pokmon Rumble Rush finally arrives at the App Store

pokemon rumble rush

Pokmon Rumble Rush, the new Nintendo, has recently landed in the iOS App Store. It is a game specially designed for mobile devices, so like Super Mario Run, you can play it with one hand.

The game began with its beta phase in the App Store during May 2019, reaching two passes. But now it is available internationally.

Pokmon Rumble Rush is a completely free game, however, as expected the title offers integrated purchases.

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How Pokmon Rumble Rush works

Basically, it is a title in which you will have to go exploring different islands and fighting against all kinds of creatures and final bosses. During your progress in the game, you will encounter a lot of iconic Pokmon creatures. In addition, the adventure changes every two weeks, so never get bored of the subject. When you defeat your enemies, you can improve your own Pokmon. You can take a look at the game in the video that we have attached.

Download Pokmon Rumble Rush on the App Store

Get the game from the iOS App Store from the following link:

What to expect from Pokmon on iPhone and iPad?

The truth is that Pokmon has it very easy to become a legend, the favorite game of a whole generation. But for that, Nintendo must know how to adapt it to the new times. And while it is true that the technology existing in mobile devices does not accompany the gameplay of Pokmon, it must be recognized that it has evolved as other great legendary games such as Sper Mario have done. We are sure that great things await us in relation to this title, but we still have to wait to see a good Pokmon game that improves the adventure and experience of its classic retro Game Boy games.