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Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL: features, design, prices …

Google has presented during the Google I / O this year two new members of the Pixel family. Some devices that maintain the philosophy of Google regarding how a smartphone should be, but aimed at those users of the mid / high range.

This formula may remind more than one of the longed for Nexus, phones that offered the best Android experience at a reasonable price. And the arrival of the new Pixel 3a seems to indicate that Google has resumed that goal and thus extend its vision of how Android should be.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

The new Pixel are aimed at the mid / high range, so they have undergone some touch-up in their specifications. Something that in principle should not worry, because if someone knows how to squeeze the hardware that is Google. So the new models have the following hardware.

Google Pixel 3aGoogle Pixel 3rd XL
Dimensions151.3 mm70.1 mm8.2 mm160.1 mm76.1 mm 8.2 mm
Weight147 grams167 grams
ColorsJust BlackClearly WhitePurple-ishJust BlackClearly WhitePurple-ish
Size5.6 inches6 inches
Resolution2220 x 108018.5: 92160 x 108018: 9
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 670Octa-Core2.0 Ghz + 1.7 GhzQualcomm Snapdragon 670Octa-Core2.0 Ghz + 1.7 Ghz
GPUAdreno 615Adreno 615
SystemAndroid 9.0 PieAndroid 9.0 Pie
Internal4 GB + 64 GB RAM4 GB + 64 GB RAM
Micro SDDo notDo not
Rear12.2MPX Sony IMX363f / 1.8 Dual Pixel Optical + electronic stabilization12.2MPX Sony IMX363f / 1.8 Dual Pixel Optical + electronic stabilization
Lead8MPXf / 2.08MPXf / 2.0
WiFi 802.11 acBluetooth 5.0NFCA-GPS | GLONASS 3.5mmUSB 2.0 Type C Audio JackWiFi 802.11 acBluetooth 5.0NFCA-GPS | GLONASS 3.5mmUSB 2.0 Type C Audio Jack
Active Edge Proximity and ambient light Magnetmeter Accelerometer and gyroscopeActive Edge Proximity and ambient light Magnetmeter Accelerometer and gyroscope
Fingerprint ReaderPixel ImprintPixel Imprint
3000 mAh Fast Charge 18W Power Delivery 2.03700 mAh Fast Charge 18W Power Delivery 2.0

As we can see the big difference between both devices is the size of its screen and battery autonomy. In the rest of the specifications they are practically twins, something that helps reduce costs by sharing the same platform. In addition to offering the same user experience, we choose the one we choose.

Same experience in different sizes

The new Google Pixel 3a with their 5.6 inches It is situated on a rare step in recent times. The smartphones with screens below the usual 6 inches. Something that does not happen with the older version, the new Google Pixel 3rd XL stands right in those 6 inches.

Same experience in different sizes

As we said before the other difference is in the autonomy of your battery, offering 3000 mAh the Pixel 3a Y 3700 mAh the Pixel 3a XL Sharing that if fast loading. Obviously there is also a difference in weight, about 20 grams between both devices.

Once the differences are established, the deployment of features of these new Google Pixel begins. The first we will notice when holding it in our hands is its finish, moving away from exotic materials to have a reasonable price, based on a resistant polycarbonate.

Under its housing we find a SoC Snapdragon 670 attached to the GPU Adreno 615 and the security chip Titan M. A set that, waiting for the first tests, promises a perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

If we talk about the multimedia section, the new Pixel 3a hide some pleasant surprise. We have one qOLED screen which will delight when enjoying our videos or photographs. We will also find some stereo speakers to enjoy the best sound and the big surprise … audio jack For our headphones.

Finally we come to the big question Will Google have saved in the photographic section? The rear camera sensor is the same Sony IMX363 12.2 megapixels that we can find in the Pixel 3 originals, so we will enjoy the great photographic potential. The only absence is in the front chamber, where we happen to have a single 8 megapixel sensor.

The Google Pixel that many expected

With the arrival of the Pixel family, Google's bet was transparent, they wanted to offer their vision of how Android should be in software and hardware. A movement that aimed at the user of the highest range of the ecosystem of Android devices.

The main problem of this bet was the price, since they are not precisely affordable smartphones. And once the third generation of the Pixel is settled it seems that Google has decided to offer all the accumulated experience to a greater number of users.

The Google Pixel that many expected

Not only do we talk about the new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL being cheap devices, but they maintain a high percentage everything that characterizes a Google Pixel. The best user experience, the newest of Android and a photograph that dazzles.

Price and availability

The new ones Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL They start at a price of 399 euros for the 3rd and reach 479 euros for the largest variant. This price is located in a very interesting step, taking into account all that Google Pixel usually offer, so we are facing those who could be the successors of our longed for Nexus.

We can buy them in the online store of Google from today.

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