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PES 2019 arrive on Android as an update and with important improvements

Konami has announced the update of the PES 2018 game on Android to its PES 2019 version to coincide with the new season, the new game for consoles and computers, and also add very good gameplay improvements.

Pro Evolution Soccer (shortened, PES) is a soccer game where you control the players of your team. You can get familiar players in the form of cards to improve your team and compete against other users in local mode or online.

With the new 2018-2019 football season, which has just begun, PES 2019 will be launched and on Android it will arrive as an update to the current game. Whether you want to play now, as if you are a regular player, you will have news that will matter to you.

PES 2019 on Android with news and without losing progress

PES 2019 for Android as an update

You will not have to install a new application on your device to play PES 2019, but the current PES 2018 game will automatically update. With that, all the progress you have made on your team will remain, start today or have been playing for months.

Among the improvements is the inclusion of new licensed leagues, Like J League of Japan or the Argentine, Portuguese or Chinese leagues among others.

New leagues licensed in PES 2019

Licenses will allow you to use official names and images (such as shields). The collaboration with FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool FC and other teams will enable the arrival of special editions of the players of these teams.

In the players there are also changes. They join greatest football legends, like Beckham, Maradona, Cruyff, Nedved, Gullit, Maldini and Kahn. You can also participate in special events according to nationality and real team of the players and get them at a now reduced price.

Featured players in PES 2019 for Android

Performance in weekend games will also affect players within the game, being named as featured players and receiving a bonus on their abilities and even new ones.

It will no longer be necessary to pay to continue playing.

But the novelty that most affects the gameplay is undoubtedly the elimination of game time, so the only thing that will limit you from playing non-stop will be the maintenance that occurs. No doubt a great improvement that eliminates a rather annoying aspect of the games Free to Play. If you have game time bonuses you can spend them before the arrival of the update but after that they will be removed.

Other changes of PES 2019 on Android and availability

PES 2019 and FC Barcelona

PES 2019 is full of changes. In addition to those mentioned, there is more that you can enjoy. Graphics will improve by including the engine Unreal Engine 4, the same as Fortnite, which improves the amount of data on the screen to make playing more comfortable. Players will be updated in real time if they suffer an injury or change equipment (among other situations), will change the maximum level and the representatives will all have an expiration date. You can see all the information in detail on the PES 2019 mobile page.

All this It will arrive as an update in December of this year 2018, although you can start playing by downloading the PES 2018 application. The progress will be saved, so you can go killing the bug.

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