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MobileFirst Protect Management

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Posted 2015-12-4 by Marketing & Filed in News.

MobileFirst Protect Management Suite It is the main module of the tool. From mobile device management we want to provide a service that allows you to view and control the mobile devices and corporate applications of your organization. Our offer manages business expenses, applications and mobile devices from a single console. With Tuy Technology, gain visibility into the use and condition of the devices, while protecting data and controlling costs.

MobileFirst Protect Management Suite is composed of the following service package:

  • MobileFirst Protect Devices: Basic mobility device management (MDM) features include device enrollment, configuration, security policy management and device actions, such as sending messages, locating, blocking and deleting.
  • MobileFirst Protect Applications: Offers the possibility to add applications and distribute them to compatible devices managed by MobileFirst Protect. This includes the MobileFirst Protect App Catalog, an application on the device to allow users to view, install and be alerted about managed and updated applications.
  • MobileFirst Protect Expenses: It allows the administrator to create data usage policies and assign them to compatible devices that are managed by MobileFirst Protect, and assign these policies at the device, group or global level and configure alert thresholds and messages for data usage on the network and roaming
  • MobileFirst Protect Content: Allows the administrator to add and distribute documents to managed compatible devices. It includes MobileFirst Protect Doc Catalog, a password-protected container on the device that provides a secure and simple way for users to access, view and share documents. It includes direct access to distributed content and repositories, such as SharePoint, Box and Google Drive. Limit the functionality of copying, pasting, and blocking openness or sharing in other applications.

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