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iPhone Pro, Huawei Mate 30, OnePlus 7T and other smartphones that will arrive in 2019

The second half of the year is usually synonymous with receiving a good batch of new terminals that reach the market in order to encourage sales in the face of the impending Navideo period, that of greater activity for brands when placing new smartphones in the market. So much so, that the United States has delayed a new rise in tariffs on imports from China with the aim of not damaging the volume of purchases during these months.

An interesting period for the number of renewals in the product lines of different companies that begin this month of September, extend during the next months of October and November, in the later cases. But what are those you have to know s or s before they reach the physical and virtual shelves of the different suppliers?

iPhone 11 and iPhone "Pro"

Among the most anticipated releases are, how could it be otherwise, those of the new terminals that Apple will announce next September 10, which arrive with a slight uncertainty but also with much already known in advance thanks to the leaks previous ones that usually see the light in the previous days. In this way, the Cupertino firm is expected to reveal two new terminals: the iPhone 11 successor to the current iPhone XR and two iPhone Pro that will give the relay to the current iPhone XS and XS Max.

The first of them is expected to add a second lens to provide it with the ability to take pictures in portrait mode, updating its internal specifications to new developments and keeping the price reduced in front of his older brothers. As for the renewal of the two more phones premium of the brand, everything indicates that they will include a third lens to add the option of photographing at a wide angle, as well as improvements in Face ID, water resistance and other additions.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the great absent of 2019. Presented last February and with a launch planned for the month of April, the problems discovered in the first test units indefinitely delayed their arrival on the market. Everything indicates, however, that this month of September will produce its definitive marketing.

The company will plan to announce its availability during the IFA fair on Thursday, September 5, with the arrival at the first passes at the end of this month. Evan Blass, known for its leaks related to the industry, points to the 27th as definitive to see Samsung's folding smartphone finally on the market.

Huawei Mate 30

Another of the big ones that will make an appearance this September is the Huawei Mate 30 and its different variants, one of the most ambitious ranges of the Asian brand and that to arrive to take the witness of the P30 and, especially, of the P30 Pro. The previous flagship of the brand has caused sensation in 2019 for its photographic capabilities, leaving the list high for the coming terminals.

However, the Huawei Mate 30 can be found at an important crossroads on the day of its launch, if we look at the latest news. According to them, the brand will not be able to include in this phone the operating system of neither the Google applications as a consequence of the United States veto to the trade of North American companies with the Chinese technology. The firm, however, has already set the release date for September 19 and, with or without the Mountain View company software, it will reach the market.

Huawei Mate X

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the great absences of the year, it could not be less Huawei Mate X, the other folding presented in February and that today has not even been officially marketed. Everything points to arrive before the end of the year, although the instability through which the brand passes prevents at this time ensuring that it will be so.

In any case, since Huawei they have already assured that they have made certain improvements in the terminal for a future launch and thus avoid a catastrophe like that of the South Korean folding.

LG V50s ThinQ and LG G8x

LG prepares to renew two of its star terminals in the context of the IFA 2019, hoping that these are the LG V50s ThinQ and LG G8x, being these two reviews of those presented at the MWC 2019 last February. Some of the leaks also point to a dual-screen accessory like the one we already saw then for the V50 ThinQ, being unlikely that this new version of the G8 has the original authentication by recognizing the palm of the hand.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4

The most innovative range of Xiaomi is preparing to welcome a new product, which in this case be the successor of the Mi MIX 3 and that, if the brand complies with the calendar of previous years, be presented next October.

The section that is expected to see more progress on this occasion is the photographic, with a camera of 108 megapixels that allow capturing more detail in each shot. Apart from this, it will include the latest technical improvements, such as the Snapdragon 855+ processor and a fast load of 45 W.

Nokia 7.2

Nokia does not miss its appointments with the big technology fairs, and it is expected that during the IFA 2019 it will offer an update to its mid-range with up to three new terminals. The most interesting of them aims to be 7.2, a 48 megapixel and wide angle triple camera device, designed to bring these photographic capabilities to the average consumer.

The internal specifications will be contained, with 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 660 processor, among others, which will allow us to offer a price according to your expectations of reach for the general public.

Google Pixel 4

One of the smartphones that receives the most attention is the Google Pixel 4 and its foreseeable XL variant, which will take over from the current Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The one that has been named as one of the best cameras on a smartphone, will be duplicated this year thanks to the inclusion of a second lens, something that has already been confirmed by the company itself through images published on social networks.

The front no longer present a notch, according to recently filtered photographs, but present a larger frame to accommodate the front camera and the relevant sensors.

OnePlus 7T

The biannual renewal of OnePlus will occur sometime from here to the end of the year, with October earning integers as time passes as a potential month of presentation. In the event the 7T and 7T Pro will arrive, two terminals that will look a lot like those that arrived last May, as is customary, although certain tweaks in its design.

Inside they will have renewed specifications that help sustain sales in the final tranche of the year.

Motorola Razr

As an honorable mention we have the Motorola Razr, the folding of the brand that will have a "shell" type format that Samsung will also use for a future smartphone and that could arrive before the end of the year or early 2020. Not many are known details of it, but I know that it will have specifications and a price more contained than the two cited of the competition.

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