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Install the OnePlus 7 Pro screen recording on other OnePlus

We were last week in London for the presentation of the new Oneplus, two mobiles that improve in power and performance, also betting on innovation. Haven't you decided on them yet? Now you can install one of the OnePlus 7 Pro options on your Previous oneplus: Screen recording.

Many of the new options will reach previous models with the relevant ones firmware updates, but you can always catch a shortcut by installing the relevant Apk. The OnePlus 7 Pro screen recording works correctly in the OnePlus 6 and 6T with Android 9 Pie; and should also be used for previous models with this version of operating system.

Record the screen of your OnePlus without complications and with direct access from the quick settings

Install OnePlus 7 pro screen recording on other OnePlus

The screen recording It is integrated into the options of OnePlus 7 Pro and OxygenOS. It is a function with direct access from the notification area and has a maximum simplicity: it displays the floating menu and activates the aforementioned recording, ready. And without having to install strange applications since all the software is from OnePlus.

How to have the OnePlus 7 Pro screen recording on your previous OnePlus? You just have to do the following:

  • Download the capture application from Apk Mirror. It is a secure app signed by OnePlus.
  • Once installed you have to display the notification menu and then the shortcut menu.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the quick Android settings.
  • Look for the «iconScreen recorder»And drag it to the active area.
  • Go back and you have the screen recorder ready.

Install OnePlus 7 pro screen recording on other OnePlus

The process to use the new screen recording is simple: display the shortcuts and click on the icon to activate the floating menu. You can adjust the resolution, bit rate and even whether or not the screen touches will be displayed. Once the screen recording is configured, click on the red record icon and, when finished, display the notifications and click on the square stop icon. The recording will be saved in your gallery according to the settings you have selected.

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