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Instagram redesigns its pestaa Explore with IGTV products and videos

Instagram is a service that until recently had been kept out of advertising, but that began to change when it went from being a startup to a company that looks for benefits, of course.

He is currently following the reverse path to Facebook increasing exposure to purchase links and items that he wants to highlight in his interface.

Updating to the Explore section

And that is just what you will do in the coming weeks with the Explore section, the search engine where we can find photos of themes or people that interest us.

We see the first change in the top bar, under the search box. There will appear two new icons that will take us to two sections that Instagram wants to gain more relevance.

The first is IGTV, the section of longer videos that was presumed as an alternative to YouTube and that has finally fallen into disuse.

The second takes us to a section of purchases and is that Instagram wants to also be an ecommerce taking advantage of the enormous media exposure of the influencers that have grown in the heat of this platform.

When we enter these sections we will have an interface similar to Explore but focused only on the content of those categories.

There will also be news in the normal search section by integrating the stories into the results, not just the videos and photos of the timeline. This makes sense because more and more people enter the application to see the stories of their contacts, not to see the photos that they upload in a conventional way.

All these changes will begin to reach users in the United States today and in the coming weeks to those who use the application from other countries.

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